Quiz 2010-1, Phase A…..

Are you ready?……  This Quiz (2010-1) will continue through as many Phases (A-B-C, etc.) as needed until some Community member acquires 100 points…..  A new Phase will be Posted every other Friday (next Phase 23APR10)……  REMEMBER! – No Internet until the Quiz-master gives the go ahead!…..  PD Bob is watching, and, is he ever pissed because I won’t let him participate, so-o-o, I wouldn’t CHEAT if I were you, unless you don’t mind having your utilities shut off and your identity mismanaged, etc…..

Since we’ve all become quite “Listless”, Quiz 2010-1 will be about naming things under a specific heading (aka – List)……  Each correct answer is worth One (1) Point, Smart-Ass answers vary in worth, and, wrong answers will cost you nothing, UNLESS, it’s so far off the subject that it’s apparent you’re guessing, which will cost you Minus One (-1) Point….  Okay, let’s get this thing started:

1.  Name the BIRDS that CANNOT fly (14 total)…..
2. Name the BOY SCOUT MERIT BADGES (121 – Twenty (20) correct answer MAXIMUM per person)…..
3. Name the TYPES of PUZZLES (17 total)……
4. Name the SEVEN DWARFS (7 total)…..
5. Name the SEVEN WONDERS of the NATURAL WORLD (7 total)….
6. Name the SIX FLAGS over TEXAS (6 total)……

That’s It!….. Go for it!….. Remember, FIRST correct answers win, so, check the comments before you submit your answers to make sure someone hasn’t beaten you to them…… GOOD LUCK, QUIZZERS!…..

72 Responses to “Quiz 2010-1, Phase A…..”

  1. Chiming in again…

    2. Engineering, Tennis, Golf, Law, Justice, Computers, Transportation, running, jogging, genealogy, hockey (field and ice), lacrosse, birding, ecology, poetry, public speaking, soccer, baseball, football, basketball, weight lifting, medicine, accounting, diving (not scuba), volleyball, insect collecting

    5. Mt. Fugi, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Baffin Bay, Chesapeake Bay, and one from the Final Frontier: Botany Bay 😉

    And Zook, you’re welcome on our couch, as long as your cello has fresh strings.

  2. This is comment 52. MR is Cleaning the HQ. Buyers are on the way(hope and pray they’re buyers – probably just looky-loos). MR says Jek hit a bunch of merit badges. Comment 53 anyone. (we are covering new ground with every comment now). MR promises the grade latter tonight.

    Botany Bay? how about Bay of Pigs.

  3. Mt Pinatubo
    birds dromumis probably mispeled 😉

  4. Okay, I’m resorting to my Princeton Encyclopedia of Birds. That looks kosher. Or it would be but for the bacon I wrapped it in.

    Despite the fact (objective and true) that there are only three left, I find four. Lousy Princeton schmucks must have one of them wrong:

    – Falkland Steamer Duck. (“This is one of three steamer-duck species to have lost the use of wings for flight.”) I can only assume these go well with clams.

    – Galapagos Cormorant. The heaviest of the cormorants. Despite their weight problem, their “breeding may be almost continuous”. Good for them.

    – Kagu. Though “flightless because of its reduced wing musculature” it can “glide when escaping downhill”. I guess it’s the bird equivalent of a downhill skier.

    – Stephens Island Wren. These guys are apparently extinct like our moa and dodo friends: “…discovered in 1894 when a lighthouse-keeper’s cat carried in 15 birds; the cat probably destroyed the whole population.” Sylvester would be proud.

    Having proved three equal to four, fatally upsetting the structure of the universe, I choose to spend my remaining days waiting for Armageddon in the bunker: a bunker just sounds cooler than a couch.

  5. As a bird enthusiast, many thanks to Zook for insights into the life and lives of flightless birds…esp. the naughty bits. You really have the Princeton Encyclopedia of Birds? Is there such a thing? Do Boobies screw themselves Blue? We’ll talk.

  6. This is comment #56 and counting!… MR again holds the most comments per Post beating Jek’s airline Post – Nee-Ner-Na-Nu-Ha-a!!…

    I’ve been busy today prepping the old mobile MR HQ for sale, but, I’m taking time to see what kind of damage you Guizers have done:

    1. Robo gets One (1) Point for Dromumis (Dinornis) – You even “mispeled” misspelled, Robo! – Sorry, No Points for being consistent…. Zook pick-up One (1) Point for Galapagos Cormorant (Cormorant)…. That’s it – Is there a school you can send those Princeton snobs to?…. Maybe MR Ramblin’ University….. PDB is already building you a bunk and digging out some extra space for a bookshelf to put your Princeton Encyclopedia in, although, he said it might make better kindling than enlightenment….. That leaves only One (1) flightless bird beginning with “N” – 5 Letters total – ending with “U”….. Do I have to fill-in the other 3 letters?…..

    2. Jek digs-out Eleven (11) Points with Engineering, Golf, Law, Computers, Transportation (Truck Transportation), Genealogy, Ecology (Enviromental Science), Public Speaking, Medicine, Accounting (American Business), Baseball, Football, etc. (Sports)….. Couple of hints – Who plays all those Sports, and, What does Jek and Tarn do a lot of (Out in the open air and vertical, Dirty Minds)?…..

    5. No Guizes right….. Hints – The Bay is actually a Harbor and is 3 words (not including Harbor) and the Volcano starts with “P” – 9 letters total – ends with “N”….

    Anon, do Boobie Birds really turn blue?……

    Let’s total up: 1st place: Robo 38 Points, 2nd Place: Zook 32 Points, 3rd Place: Jek 25 Points, 4th Place: Anon 23 Points, 5th Place: HS 1 Point…… Jek moves up to 3rd Place!…..

    1. 1 remaining – 2. 48 remaining – 3. 1 remaining – 4. Completed – 5. 2 remaining – 6. Completed…..

  7. MR,

    Yes, the feet…… Blue Footed Boobies. Worth 10 points?

  8. 2. (duh) backpacking, boot cleaning, bootlace tying, packing said backpack, treating water, 10-essentials, bird calls, signals, pack-it-in/pack-it-out, don’t trample on the cute flowers, don’t mess with Texas, don’t don’t don’t!

  9. Anon, when we have a Blue Footed Boobies Quiz you’ll get your 10 Points……

    2. Jek, no matter how hard I try, I can only give you One (1) Point for Backpacking….. Everything else you listed goes with BP, EXCEPT, don’t mess with Texas – I’m sorry, if you’re from Oklahoma – You MUST mess with Texas! (If you would have listed Boot Licking, I might have passed you another Point)….. Still lots of professions, hobbies, and, weird stuff left….. Jek, you still have 7 Points available, Zook has 4 left, and, HS has a big 19 left on #2……

    Let’s total up before the Internet Phase: 1st place: Robo 38 Points, 2nd Place: Zook 32 Points, 3rd Place: Jek 26 Points, 4th Place: Anon 23 Points, 5th Place: HS 1 Point……

    1. 1 remaining – 2. 47 remaining – 3. 1 remaining – 4. Completed – 5. 2 remaining – 6. Completed…..


  10. Shouldn’t we just end the quiz at 2pm? I like the idea of questions without answers. That’s life.

  11. Zook agreed with you, Jek, in an earlier comment, and, I’m leaning toward that conclusion also….. I think it’s more interesting when you don’t have instant answers and to open it up to the Internet sort of takes away from the hard-earned answers when it was a closed Quiz….. Since I am the Quiz-O-Master, Head Dog (No, that’s PD Bob), Big Cheese, Top of the Food Chain of Quizzes/Guizes, I hearby declare Quiz 2010-1, Phase A will officially end at 2:00 pm CDT, at which time I will list all the unnamed answers and give the standings update……

    So, if you have any more Guizes anyone, get ’em in before the 2 pm cutoff…… The Quiz-O-Master has spoken…….

  12. Quiz 2010-1, Phase A is now officially over!…. A great response, although, we’re still missing a few community members….. Quiz 2010-1, Phase B will be Posted on Friday – 23APR10 – 2:00 pm CDT – Same rules including the “NO-INTERNET” Rule…. Let me know if you think friends and/or Public Libraries should be included and I’ll Post the Official Notification and Rules on Monday – 19APR10 for Phase “B”…..

    Here are the “Current Standings”:

    1st place: Robo 38 Points, 2nd Place: Zook 32 Points, 3rd Place: Jek 26 Points, 4th Place: Anon 23 Points, 5th Place: HS 1 Point……

    Here are the unnamed answers:

    1. Nanou

    2. American Cultures, American Heritage, American Labor, Architecture, Astronomy, Athletics, Atomic Energy, Aviation, Bugling, Cinematography, Citizenship in the World, Coin Collecting, Crime Prevention, Dentistry, Disabilities Awareness, Dog Care, Drafting, Electricy, Emergency Prepareness, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Fish and Wildlife Management, Graphic Arts, Home Repair, Indian Lore, Landscape Architecture, Mammal Study, Metal Work, Motor Boating, Photography, Pioneering, Plant Science, Plumbing, Pulp and Paper, Railroading, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Safety, Salesmanship, Scholarship, Shotgun Shooting, Skating, Soil and Water Conservation, Surveying, Textile, Theater, Traffic Safety, and Whitewater…. Whew, that’s a Bunch!…

    3. Palindrome

    4. Completed

    5. Harbor of Rio De Janeiro and Paricutin Volcano

    6. Completed

    That’s it, Quizzers – Thanks for the Fish…… Any Comments?…..

  13. PLUMBING?!!!!!!!!

    Friends, libraries, books, friends of friends, are cool. Even stumbling across an answer on TV should count. ( rule x: accidental answer contamination) Internet too easy.

  14. Where in the World – Would the World, be without Plumbing, Anon?…..

    I tend to agree with you, Anon, But, I want to expand the “NO Internet” Rule to any electronic retrieval device that has a search engine (i.e. Library computer search engines, etc) – Just good ‘ol Brains, books, friends, TV, etc., as long as your Bean Brain is the search engine……

  15. Really? Those are 2 of the 7 natural wonders? Please. I want my money back.

  16. How about a couple of days of what ever you have in your house expect Internet. Then for 1/2 points open up Libraries friends and other non Electron means.

    Without plumbing there would be no hot and cold running water unless you count the “p” running down the leg of the person running to the out house in a blizzard.

  17. Hey Robo. It seems like there is a loophole there. You can go to the library. Check out a book. Bring it to your house. Then use it.

    My understanding is anything in your house goes, except internet. That includes other people (who are also not using the internet, only their heads). Maybe MR can clarify.

  18. I realize MR that you are not responsible for picking the 7 natural wonders. Maybe you can get PDBob on the case. Doesn’t he right what as gone wrong? Or am I getting him confused with Quantum Leap?

  19. And what about “accidental answer contamination”? Say you’re walking down the street, outside you home, and a Bazooka Bubble Gum wrapper blows up at your feet. You stoop to pick it up. You read the cartoon and Bazooka Joe names the seven wonders of the world……….what then,huh?


    Some weird person in a white robe is yelling,”The end of the world is near. See the seven wonders now.” and then names the wonders.

  20. I’m just chiming in with the .5 point idea if you’re to lazy to look threw the dictionary for 6 hours when you can’t fall to sleep then maybe for 1/2 points you can turn off your brain and turn on your computer.
    We need pics of the seven wonders and if they are not available then maybe we need new wonders.
    I like the rules the way they are after all I’m in the lead. 🙂

  21. I agree with Jek that the last two “Wonders” make me wonder, but, I’m holding to my reference source as the Final Word on the Answers….. It doesn’t give the details of the who, how, or why – Just the lists, and, I’m not revealing the source (Duh)…..

    As far as Anon’s, “Accidental Answer Contamination”, well, things happen – maybe not the way Anon describes – What Planet are you from anyway, and how long did it take you to think up, “Accidental Answer Contamination”??….. I don’t think it was by accident….. I guess that was “AAC” you used when you gave Robo the answer to “Bashful” – Starts with a B and ends with an L – That’s givin’ it all away (Ha)…..

    Like I stated in Comment #64 – No Internet and no electronic retrieval devices that have a search engine (i.e. Library computer search engines, etc) – Just good ‘ol Brains, books, friends, TV, etc., as long as your Bean Brain is the search engine…… So-o-o, I guess if a White-Robed Looney is spouting answers on the street corner and throwing bubble gum wrappers at you with good intel on them – it’s fair game….. Further definition of Friends: Someone you’ve known for some period of time – No using the phone book to call-up some university Professor and/or dialing random numbers and polling people with simple questions such as, “For a free trip to Slapout, Oklahoma, name the 7 wonders of the World….. Use COMMON SENSE – I think we all know when we’re cheating and/or stepping over the line….

    It’s all in good fun and Friendship anyway, BUT, It’s always GREAT to be able to say, “I’m the BEST” – so, it is a competition, But, Friendly, you bunch of Fudge-rs – PD Bob is Watching and he’s off right now inspecting the 7 Wonders as per Jek’s request….. I just hope we don’t have another Volcano eruption due to his meddling……

  22. Well as long as PD Bob brings back Pics then I guess another eruption in the harbor of Rio De Janeiro is worth it. Maybe he can get some Pics of the tsunami that eruption would cause at Paricutin Volcano. Note Janeiro and Parcutin are not even in spell check makes one wonder.

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