Quiz-O-Matic Phase “C” Alert….

Phase “C” of 2010-1 Quiz will be up this Friday – 07MAY10 – 6:00 pm CDT (4:00 pm  PDT)……Phase “A” and Phase “B” were overwhelming successes and,  Phase “C” will, hopefully, continue to be as much fun…..
Here are the “Current Standings”:1st place: Robo 84 Points, 2nd Place: Jek 55 Points, 3rd Place: Zook 45 Points, 4th Place: Anon 34 Points, 5th Place: HuskeySooner 22 Points……

REMEMBER, First one to 100 Points wins the Quiz…..  Please review all the rules as stated in the previous Phases…..

For all the Guizers who just have to know what the prize is – Well, here it is:

Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Single No. 1894/15000
Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Single No. 1894/15000
Along with the unopened LE CD, there will be a MP3 CD with the two songs on the disc plus the downloaded “Red House” from Clark University…..  That way you don’t have to open the collectible CD to listen to the songs….  C-o-o-o-l, uh?……
Remember – FRIDAY’S the DAY……

4 Responses to “Quiz-O-Matic Phase “C” Alert….”

  1. Cool Jemi Hendrix. MR I hope we don’t run late this Friday at the church it distribution day you know.

  2. How cool is that?

  3. I thought the prize would befit the winner. What if the winner doesn’t like Jimi? (wouldn’t be me of course) Is there something behind door #2?

  4. Behind Door #2 we find the definitive MP3 collection of original and cover songs sung by yours truly, The Quiz-O-Master, ‘Ol Often Off-Key himself – Believe me, you’re all too young to be subjected to the degree of S.I.P. (Self-Inflicted Pain) this would cause – Better stick with Jimi…..

    Did I mention that the second track, “Peace in Mississippi” is a previously unreleased alternate recording & a Non-Album Bonus Track?…..

    PLEASE NOTE: I changed the time to 1800 hrs (6:00 pm) CDT for Phase “C” because of previously committed community duties (No, I haven’t been arrested and serving it out with Community Service)…..

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