Guizer – What you mean, fool?

Hey MR, you’ve been using the word guizer and variations thereof in your quiz posts. I decided to look it up. It doesn’t seem to be an official English word. However, there is a book from 1975 whose title implies it has something to do with fools. Just what are you saying about us!?

The Guizer: A Book of Fools
A collection of stories by Alan Garner

Image of the book

5 Responses to “Guizer – What you mean, fool?”

  1. Okay – Mr. Jek-O-Head Guizer, apparently you didn’t see the comment where Robo mis-spelled Quizzes as Guizes (He also mis-spelled “mis-spelled”, but, who’s counting)….. Anyway, I decided to use the “Guize” as an incorrect answer guess, but, now, since you pointed it out, as Quiz-O-Master, I hereby define it as a “Foolish Guess”, and, the person making such “Foolish Guesses” must be a “Foolish Guizer”…..

    Thank you for bringing it to my attention, “Head of the Guizer Guild Jek”….. BTW, where can I get a copy of the book?….. I’ll check the Library next time I’m there…..

  2. Hey Jek leave me and my missppelledd words alone. Besides if you look at the comment I already defined it loosely I quize that “quize” will just have to be one of those words that means several things.

  3. MR: I tried looking for it online at your library: no luck. There are several used copies available from Amazon. A couple are only $2.

    Robo: I wasn’t picking on you directly. I think MR has the bone you want to pick. (Where the heck does that come from anyway?) I would like, from you or MR, the correct pronunciation of guizer.

  4. Jek, I wasn’t picking bones just going with the flow and if you try to say mspelled words you’ll tie your tongue in knots. Funny book title thou. I guess if you look hard enough any thing can be found on the Internet. If you really wish to become tongue tied pronounce it like a combination of guess and guesser.

  5. #5 by MRambler

    It’s not that hard to pronounce, Jek, just say “Quiz” with a “G” instead of a “Q”….. Quiz and Guize rhyme – It’s not that hard…. It’s definitely not “Geeze” as in “Geezer”….. I can post an audio file if you can’t figure it out….. Next time I have a little extra cash, when I can order $25 worth of stuff and get free shipping, I will pick-up a copy from Amazon…..

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