Quiz 2010-1, Phase B…..

Well, Quiz-O’s, it’s time to see how you do with “Phase B”….. We’ll continue with the listing thing for the remainder of Quiz 2010-1…. First one to 100 Points wins……REMEMBER, No Internet and NO electronic retrieval devices that have a search engine (i.e. I-Phones, I-Pods, Aye-Aye’s, P-Pods, Library computer search engines, etc) – Just good ‘ol Brains, books, and CLOSE friends, as long as your Bean Brain is the search engine…… No solicitation of unknown Professors, Teachers, Geeks on the street – In short – We all know when we’re cheating – so don’t…. PDB is still out of touch, but, he is watching over his extensive illegal M.O.L.E. Net……

Quick Points Update: 1st place: Robo 38 Points, 2nd Place: Zook 32 Points, 3rd Place: Jek 26 Points, 4th Place: Anon 23 Points, 5th Place: HuskeySooner 1 Point……


1. Name “Snow Conditions and Types (26 Total)
2. Name “States, Confederate” (11 Total)
3. Name “States, Original U.S.” (13 Total)
4. Name “Snoopy’s Siblings” (7 Total)
5. Name “Snakes” (50 Total) – 10 MAX per Quizzer
6. Name “Coffee/Coffee Bean Varieties (31 Total)
7. Name “Mathematical Tools” (15 Total)
8. Name “Monopoly Spaces” (36 Total) – 5 MAX per              Quizzer

That’s it – Go for it – Git ‘er Done……

60 Responses to “Quiz 2010-1, Phase B…..”

  1. 6: French, French press, Cup of Joe, Texas Tea

  2. Robo, I thought “Texas Tea” was oil?….. I assume these are some late night, desperate last Guizers – 4 Guizers = 4 Misses – No Points…… No change in the Points standings…..

    Points Update: 1st place: Robo 79 Points, 2nd Place: Jek 52 Points, 3rd Place: Zook 45 Points, 4th Place: Anon 34 Points, 5th Place: HuskySooner 22 Points……

    1. 8 remaining 2. Completed 3. Completed 4. 3 remaining 5. 14 remaining 6. 21 remaining 7. 1 remaining 8. Completed

    Remember, this Phase ends Tomorrow…..

  3. went to wal mart and hears the coffee’s they have

    Dark Roast
    Medium Roast
    Breakfast Blend

    French Vanilla
    Whole Bean

    House Blend
    Pike Place Roast
    Espresso Roast


    Italian Roast
    Organic Blend

    Colombian Supremo
    Vanilla Nut Cream
    Cinnamon Hazel Nut

    Caramel Truffle
    Hazelnut Cream
    Chocolate Velvet

    Fair Trade
    Pecal House Blend
    Caffe Verona

  4. 1. nuclear snow
    4. Bogie, Martins, McDudes, Mister S, (sir) Mix Alots, Muffins, Mutters, Mandy, Mindy, Money
    5. Serpentes, Ophidia
    6. Cuban, Indonesian

  5. Jek isn’t that nuclear winter, how about atomic snow MR.

  6. Robo and Jek throw-in a few last minute answers…..

    1. Sorry, Jek, but No on the Nuclear Snow – It was Acid Snow got by Robo……
    4. Lots of Guizers, Jek, but, alas No Hits – No Points…..
    5. Jek answers 2, but, gets No Points as he has reached the Max allowed….. His answers were Ophidia (Ophidian) and Serpentes (Serpent)……
    6. Robo gets Four (4) Points with: Dark Roast, Breakfast Blend (Blended), Ground, and Organic Blend (Organic)….. Jek drinks-up Two (2) Points for Cuban and Indonesian……

    Points Update: 1st place: Robo 83 Points, 2nd Place: Jek 54 Points, 3rd Place: Zook 45 Points, 4th Place: Anon 34 Points, 5th Place: HuskySooner 22 Points……

    1. 8 remaining 2. Completed 3. Completed 4. 3 remaining 5. 12 remaining 6. 15 remaining 7. 1 remaining 8. Completed

    Here are the remaining unanswered answers:

    1. Snow: Champagne Powder, Crust or Crusted Snow, Firn, Graupel, Low Driving Snow, Neve, Onion Snow, and Windslab……
    4. Snoopy’s Siblings: Belle, Marbles, and Molly……
    5. Snakes: Adder, Carpet Snake, Fer De Lance, Gaboon Viper, Monocied Cobra, Non-Poisonous Snake, Pit Viper, Poisonous Snake, Ringed Snail-Eating, Rock Python, Smooth Green, And Western Long-Nosed…..
    6. Coffee: Blue Mountain, Brazilian, Chagga, Continental Roast, Estate, Exotic, Flavored, Grand Crus, Green Mountain, Hawaiian, Italian Roast, Liberica Mysore, Robusta, Santos, and Viennese…..
    7. Math Tools: Trammel…..

    That’s it – Aim your complaints at the Quiz-O-Master (for all the good it will do you)….. It was a good Phase, although Robo did some maneuvering and built-up quite a lead…..

    Monday I’ll post the date and time for Phase “C”….. It won’t be as Easy-wesy since we are approaching the point where the Quiz-O-Master has to come up with a Prize(s) (uurgh)…..

  7. Hey MR what are the prizes going to be. Maybe if you make it something good, my competition will try harder to knock me out of first place. 🙂

  8. As much as I hate pointing out a mistake that favors Robo, I must. MR, Robo answered Italian Roast in Comment #53.

  9. When you’re right, you’re right, Jek, apparently I was trying to get the Phase “B” closed out and quickly perused Robo’s EXTENSIVE list of Coffees too quickly….. The Quiz-O-Master hereby gives Robo his earned One (1) Point and also extends One (1) Point to Jek for bringing it to the Quiz-O-Masters attention (It might have been more, Jek-O, if you would have contacted me secretly, instead of publicly exposing my ineptitude – PD Bob is rolling on the floor, calling me a Guizer-O-Matic)…. Happy, Mr. Jek?….

    NEW Points Update: 1st place: Robo 84 Points, 2nd Place: Jek 55 Points, 3rd Place: Zook 45 Points, 4th Place: Anon 34 Points, 5th Place: HuskySooner 22 Points……

  10. #10 by RoboLsd

    Thanks Jek I needed That point I hear that Mr is going to give us a real stumper for the next phase. He still hasen’t said what were playing for.

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