Oh, Just One More Thing…..

U-uh, Where was I?…Oh yeah….. If you recognize any of these statements, you’ve seen at least one of the “Columbo” Mystery series that ran off and on from 1971 to 1993….. Columbo is no longer with us – Peter Falk passed away yesterday at the age of 83…… Being a huge “Columbo” fan, I usually re-watch at least one or two of the shows a week….. He was our clumsy modern Sherlock Holmes…..

To see if we have any other “Columbo” fans in the MR Community besides me, here’s a short Quiz for you…. No Prizes – Just a tribute Quiz to a great actor…..

1. What was the year, make, and model of Columbo’s car?
2. What was the name of his Basset Hound?
OH, And, Just one more….
3. What was his wife’s name?…..

If you have access to a “Columbo” episode, give it a watch in honor of the rumpled, cigar smoking detective…..

11 Responses to “Oh, Just One More Thing…..”

  1. I know it was a 60’s model Fiat Not sure of the actual year, or model.
    So is the extent of my columbo knowledge.

  2. I thought his car was a metro not sure of make or year. Your basset hound was named Lucy. And just one more thing. My wife’s name was Debra.

  3. Boy, are you two “Non-Columboians”…… I get Robo’s as fully admitting he’s got nothin”, and, J., you’re a decade off and a country or two south of where his car came from…… It was French, not Italian……

    I’ll give the answers in the next day or two, in order to give everyone a chance to “Guize” at it….

  4. Ok After long and arduous research I know all the answers. BUT I will wait for others to try before giving mine. Yes I cheated.

  5. I knew that brief exposure to PD Bob would have more than one ill side effect, J.J…… He just can’t stand to not know something immediately, especially if someone he knows knows it….. He’s been bugging me that he knew all the answers too, and why won’t I let him post them?…… Yes, he cheated, too…..

  6. Let’s see. I think Fred was his dog’s name. His wife was Mrs. Columbo. 🙂 She was played by Star Trek Captain Janeway.

  7. oh yeah, RIP Peter Falk. We’ll miss ya.

  8. Okay, I guess it’s time for the answers….. I guess I’m the only hardcore Columbo fan in the Community, although, Jek did get one of the answer’s right: His wife’s name, in the complete series, was always just “Mrs. Columbo”…… In a 1990 show called, “Agenda For Murder”, they specifically answered this when Columbo asked a Congressman for an autograph for his wife, which he was always doing throughout the entire series…… The Congressman asked him, “What is her name”, and Columbo replies, “Mrs. Columbo”….. Case Closed, in the “Columbo” shows, she never had a first name….. Although, in the spin-off series called “Mrs. Columbo”, she is given the first name of “Kate”, which is the actress’s real first name: Kate Mulgrew (later ST Captain Janeway)….. They included three episodes of Mrs. Columbo on seasons 3-7 of the Columbo shows….. I don’t know if they made any more than that, but, they were pretty sad……

    On the other two questions, I’ll save the answers for tomorrow, but, no, his Basset Hound was not named “Fred”…..

  9. The first two questions were answered in a 1991 show entitled, “Caution: Murder can be Hazardous to Your Health”, Co-Starring George Hamilton…. An interesting note is that all the 1991-93 shows, six total, were in 1.78:1 Widescreen (16×9), somewhat ahead of it’s time for Widescreen TV…..

    Anyway, Hamilton is a tobacco hating Crime Show Host, and the Bad Guy…. In a scene where Hamilton’s character and Columbo are trying to park in the same parking spot, at the same time, they are coming from different directions, and keep backing-up and pulling forward, until, finally, they crash head-on into each other….. After Columbo inspects the damage to Hamilton’s Mercedes, he says, “Why don’t we look at my car?”….. Hamilton then asks, “What kind of car WAS this?”….. To which Colombo replies, “A 1950 Peugeot, French, very rare”….. It’s very plain that the car is a Convertible (Model)…. That answers Question 1…. By the way, Peugeot is pronounced “Poo-Joe”, as close as I can tell….

    In another scene, Columbo is at Vet/Pet Shop to pick-up his Basset Hound, and, an employee hollers in the direction of rear of the shop, “Is “Dog” ready?”….. So, there you have it, Columbo named his dog – “DOG”…..

    R.I.P. Colombo/Peter Falk….. A great character actor……

  10. Some sources say that Columbo’s dog was named Fang. I recall that being the case on one episode.

  11. #11 by MRambler

    Fang was the secret agent dog in “Get Smart”…… I’ve watched all the “Columbos” and don’t remember ever hearing anyone call his Basset Hound “Fang”….. Of course, I re-watch only my favorite shows of the series, so, it is possible that “Dog” was called “Fang” in one of the shows…. I’m going back to the the start of Season 2, which is where “Dog” was introduced as a character, and review all the shows to verify yes or no, but, my money is on “No Fang”……. Standard bet, Jek?……

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