RIP (Again) More Great Musicians Too Young

Well we have lost 2 more great musicians Last week longtime bass player for Neil Young Tim Drummond passed. Before joining Neil during the Harvest sessions Tim had played with such greats as James Brown and Conway Twitty. He was 72.
Then this weekend we learned of the passing of original CSN&Y drummer Dallas Taylor. A long time colaborater with Steven Stills he joined CSN&Y when they began playing live. He went on to play in Stills super group Manassas. He passed in LA at age 64

4 Responses to “RIP (Again) More Great Musicians Too Young”

  1. J, this is beginning to hit a little to close to home for MR & my musical endeavors.

  2. I agree with you, Raj, and I’m sure that Randalf the Grey and Mr. J. do too….. I guess we, as musicians, need to get off of our lazy backsides and finish up, in mine, Randalf’s, and Raj’s case, FOUR (4), YES, 4 projects (CD’s) that have all the tracks laid down…. They just need the album artwork and some of the tracks need the final mixes done….. J.J. needs to get off that Long-Haul Driving Gig he’s on and tighten up his drum licks…… I really think we’ve had our warning, ME especially!!, and there’s no more time to goof off and waste….. We have sounds in our heads that need to be around for future generations to be able to say,”JUST WHO THE HELL ARE THOSE BOZO’S, and what did they mean in that verse, and just WHO are THEY calling US the YOYO’s of the Future???….. I really want that to happen before I shuffle off this tired old lump of Space debris….. CAN I GET AN “AMEN” ON THAT?……

  3. Amen brother! Lets shuffle right out the door.

  4. Just don’t forget, Anon, BEFORE we do any “shuffling”, we need to record a few everlasting verses for the yet unborn Super-Star Musicians…… I plan to make it up your way in the next few months….. Let’s lay down some tracks just for the Hell of it and the enjoyment it’ll give us!….. It’ll be fun, and, who knows…. The new songs(?) I’ve been hearing lately could’ve been written by a retarded 4 year old! (My apologies to any 4 year old I just offended.)…. It’ll be fun, and, if nothing else, annoy future generations!…..

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