Where Were You?

imageAug. 16, 1977

MR & I were playing a gig when we heard the  news today, oh boy.



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  1. I was two weeks from turning six years old. I was visiting my grandparents in Vancouver, Washington. My grandfather was a conservative minister, unapproving of Rock and Roll. In fact, my parents are both preacher’s kids.

    But I remember the news clearly. I remember it being mentioned in the house, and I asked “Who is Elvis Presley?” They told me he was a famous singer.

    When I went to bed a few hours later, I remember thinking about this famous singer that had died (I didn’t know the circumstances). I imagined he was an opera singer. I drifted off to sleep and had a nightmare about it: I was at a shopping mall and the ghost of this opera singer was trying to get people (and me) with some kind of giant carpet sweeper.

  2. Actually I was one month from turning six 🙂

  3. I was six, but I remember hearing it on a transistor radio when I was playing outside our mobile home in Topeka, Kansas. Ran in to tell my mom as she was an Elvis fan and I knew about him through her. Sad thing was, a couple of months before he had played a concert somewhere near us, and I had suggested we go but we didn’t. (My parents were weird like that, we rarely went out to shows or movies.) Been to Graceland a couple of times since my stepdad is from outside Cordova, hope they manage to shore up the house and keep the museum going for a long while. I read recently that Elvis’ planes might be moved from the business across the street, but I think they resolved that issue. A sad day indeed.

    (Wait, didn’t Elvis die much later, fighting a mummy with JFK?)

  4. ….O-r-r-r, he’s still here, fighting crime, but won’t come out in public until he decides exactly how many sequins and rhinestones he wants on his “Super Hero” costume….. Elvis has NOT left the building – He OWNS the building”……. (Ha!)…….

  5. And…. Hopefully, always will!

  6. #6 by huskysooner

    Ha ha… about to turn 6, too.

  7. Certainly, HS, aren’t we all about to turn 6?…… Of course, some, if not all of us, is approaching from the higher end……. Something about creating a full circle thingy……

  8. I had just turned 12 four weeks before. I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Stratford, TX. (The Pheasant Capitol of Texas) When the announcement came across She Cried. Graceland, Been twice. Once Guided, once with the walkman.

  9. What……1977. That must make me the old man of the blog. G. The Gray are you listening ?
    I was 36 and losing my memory.

  10. I was 6 as well. I recall getting the news via my grandparent’s TV, but maybe that’s not the case if MR was out on a gig. Everyone was sad for whatever that news was.

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