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Who says electronic music can’t be cool?

Sorry for the deluge of links, but I found this on my web wanderings and thought it was just amazing. What if Nikola Tesla formed a rock band, you ask? Well, a lot of geeks have been fiddling around to give us the answer. Tesla coils usually function above the audible range, but someone discovered […]

Jimi Never Ceases……

…..  to amaze me!…….  Officially Postmarked on 13MAR14, Jimi joined a number of talented, original artists that have no equals……  If this screwed-up World of ours would pay just a small, slight minute passing attention to the words of our musicians instead of our crooked, coneivening, stealing, bs’ing, lying, corrupt worthless Politicians, we might just […]

New Pink Floyd Album…..

Just heard it on the news!……  Dave’s wife made the announcement – The name will be “The Endless River”……  Supposedly, based on some Rick Wright stuff recorded way back in 1994……  Pretty cool that we’re now hearing musical news about my generations musical Icons on TV…..  Who would have thought?……  Also, Mr. Paulie (as in […]

We’ve Lost Another One…..

Yesterday, June 27, Bobby Womack died at the age of 70…..  I know a lot of you probably don’t know who he was, but, if you know anything at all about R & B and R & R, you should……  With his wife Shirley (at the time), he wrote one of my all-time favorite Stone’s […]

When you don’t have a bone to pick….

  Was gonna surprise MR with one of these for a birthday or something, but other musically-inclined folks might find these kinda nifty. (Warning: This site has some great little geeky items, usually a bit useless or overpriced.)   Item 1: the Do-It-Yourself Guitar Pick Maker for $24.99.   Item 2: Recycled Vinyl Record […]

Double Album

Can anyone name the very first double album of the rock era (without perusing the internet)? Also, what is your all time fave? Here are a few I like:  White Album (Beatles) Tommy ((The Who), Electric Ladyland (Jimi Hendrix), Live At The Fillmore (Allman Brothers Band),  Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs (Derek & The […]

New Music Report Neil Young “A Letter Home”

I was turned onto Neil Young’s new Album “A Letter Home” As you all know in my opinion Neil has never made a bad album, And with this one he still has not. This is a very Ecclectic album Typical NY. Just when you think you know whats next from him. he does something like […]

Where ya gonna go?

A good internet in-joke, for those that have never noticed: if you check the rating system on the Internet Movie Database (, the entry for Spinal Tap goes to 11! (Unfortunately, it is *not* the highest-rated movie on the site.)    

Muscle Shoals Studios…..

Anon sent this to me to Post on the Blog…..  He gets confused sometimes and/or doesn’t want to learn how to add links to a Post (Ha!).…..  This link on Muscle Shoals (click here) is on the PBS website and is pretty cool……  Here’s some  of the music from there:  “I’ll Take You There,” “Brown […]

Another New Member!…..

Can you believe it!…..  Seems there’s more of us Non-Looby’s (ask Anon) out there that want to stand up and be counted……  I, MRambler, hereby officially welcome “Shadowgraph” to our ranks of the Super-intelligent, Know-it-all, Been There – Done That Community who “Say what we mean and Mean what we say”…..  Don’t expect any slack, […]

One More Request…..

Anon’s been giving me some flack over wanting to here some more of our new stuff…..  So-o-o, here’s the compromise that I came up with……  I wanted to put up “Rainy Day Women #12&35” that Weldon had done such a spectacular job of Editing/Mastering, but, the problem was that the AIFF Audio File was 102.6 […]

“Waging Heavy Peace”…..

This is the title of Neil Young’s autobiography…..  It came out a while ago…  I highly recommend every musician to read it…..  He discusses, in detail, his ideas on improving the quality of the music we hear by 90% or more as compared to what you hear on a CD or MP3…..  That, and his […]

By Request (Somewhat)…..

HuskySooner requested to hear some of the new music that I’ve been working on with the bands I’m working with……  I was going to upload “Rainy Day Women 12 & 35”, that’s going to be on my solo album, but, the Super mastered version that was mastered by Weldon of Seattle (He’s the MAN!) that […]

Dave Murray Signature Strat….

Here’s No. 2 of my 3 Strats that I now own…..  I actually traded my ’79 clear red Strat with all black accessories (except the tuners) for it plus I got a nice little bundle of bills to go with the trade…..  The red/black Strat was a rare one, American made, and played like a […]

Hendrix Tribute Strat…..

I’ve been thinking about making a post for some time about why Fender hadn’t made a Hendrix Signature Strat of any kind…..  I thought it might have been problems with Janie Hendrix since she owns all the rights to Jimi’s legacy…..  Boy, was I wrong!…..  This Christmas, which probably turned out to be the best […]