Here’s Installment No. 3 of SNIGLETS…..  Enjoy!…..

AEROPALMICS  (ayr o palm’ iks)  n.  The study of wind resistance conducted by holding a cupped hand out the car window….

PHONESIA  (fo nee’ zhuh)  n.  The affliction of dialing a phone number and forgetting whom you were calling just as they answer….  (MR Note:  I’ve done that!)

RICEROACH  (rys’ rohch)  n.  The burnt krispie in every bowl of Rice Krispies….  (MR Note: I’ve seen these before!)

SPORK  (spork)  n.  The combination spoon/fork you find in fast food restaurants…..  (MR Note:  I’m not sure, but, I think our group was already calling them sporks BEFORE this book came out.)

Installment No. 4 next week…..

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