English Smeglish….

Let’s just call this a “filler” Post…..  I’m busy getting ready to head to the Great Northwest and I’m trying to keep my promise to Post more……  REMEMBER, Uncle MR wants you to Post too! (homage to the old WWII recruitment poster, “Uncle Sam Wants You!”)……  I was typing up a recent Post at my normal breakneck speed (I did take typing in High School and did excellent, although, at the time, I thought it was a worthless effort), and I made a goof, which got me to thinking ( that’s always trouble)……  Okay, Okay, to the point of the whole thing…..  Here’s the Joke (?) – Maybe you’ll like it – Or not…..  “What’s the difference between a “Dud” and a “Dude” – the letter “E”…. Ha!…..  Dude, of course, being slang for a male and Dud being something that’s basically useless…..  I’ve known many such people that fit BOTH terms!….  I’m sure you have too…..  All right, so it’s not the best joke in the World, but, I thought I would start aiming our Blog to a somewhat lighter horizon……  Anyone out there have a “Homemade” joke they’d like to share?…..  Come on, now, one of the requirements of being an MR Community member, or, for that matter, a member of the Human Condition, is a sense of humor…..  In this day and time, we all need a good laugh……

4 Responses to “English Smeglish….”

  1. I tried “Twerk” and you see how far that got. Must be a joke in there somewhere. Maybe we can work on when you get into town.

  2. Twerking’s up there with Looby…. I don’t know if you noticed in one of my comments, I renamed Oklahoma to Oklalooby….. IT FITS!……

  3. Ok Here’s mine. A Horse, A Duck, and A Leprachun walk into a bar. The Bartender says “What is this, some kind of a joke?”

  4. The Leprechaun was riding the Horse and the Duck was sitting on the head of the Leprechaun, AND, they all were seriously thirsty for a beer, even though they had just drank a keg in the alley behind the bar….. The bartender was at a loss since he didn’t speak Horsenise or Duckanise and the Leprechaun was too drunk to order…… Now THAT’s a Joke….. You just need to know all the details…… Good one though, J……

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