Here’s the 2nd installment of SNIGLETS…..  Enjoy!……

ACCORDIONATED  (ah kor’  de on ay tid)  adj.  Being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time…..

CLUMFERT  (klum’ furt)  n.  The invisible extra step at the top and bottom of a staircase.  Usually materializes when one is carrying a large bag of groceries……

GRIPTION  (grip’ shun)  n.  The sound of sneakers squeaking against the floor during basketball games…….

SCANDROIDS  (skan’ droydz)  n.  The striped price codes which mysteriously began appearing on consumer products a few years ago……  (MR Note: We call them “Bar Codes” now….)  More next Thursday…..

8 Responses to “SNIGLETS No. 2”

  1. “Gription”…….my wife’s favorite. All basket ball games must be watched with the sound off.

  2. …..And your favorite CD’s played at full volume…… Yeah!…..

  3. Do You Not remember the one that was not in the book? Doublification

  4. You’re right, Mr. J…. And, apparently, my feeble mind does not remember the story behind it or it’s meaning…… Would you please enlighten us of limited intelligence with the full, unabridged tale….. This is an educational post after all….. eh?….. (We’ll take all the help we can get, even from Mr. J. (Ha!))……

  5. Doublification (doub li facation) v: During the course of playing a game of Dominoes someone will always have the appropriate dominoes to place a double score down on the table every play they make. Even though it is Mathematically Impossible.
    My Mind is a little fuzzy also but I think that”s the definition, Plz correct me if I have the facts wrong.

  6. Yeah, now I remember, and, I think Jek had something to do with the naming/definition of it, even though he was just a little squirt then, he was already a smart butt….. He had learned the finer points of the game of Dominoes from his Grandpa Smith….. Them two together was a tough team to beat, remember that?…… Thanks for bringing back the memory, Mr. J…..

  7. Okay, I just spotted a new one via Josh Marshall (

    ScapeTern — An intern who’s kept around solely for the purpose of being fired when the boss does something really stupid or offensive on Twitter.

  8. That’s a good one and fits right in for an addition to Sniglets….. The book was written long before Twitter ever existed……. I wonder if there will ever be an updated version?…… We may have to make it ourselves!……

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