This is a complicated “Muscle Car” term because the definition of it depends on whether you’re a F.O.R.D. (Fix Or Repair Daily) Nut, a G.M. (General Mistake) Bozo, or a MoPar (Chrysler Corp.) Fan (No prejudice here…eh?)…..

Ford and GM owners consistently Demean the Dodge Challenger by calling it a ‘Cuda – therefore, they call all ‘Cudas and Challengers – Cudas, Therefore, they are “CUDAHEADS” for not knowing the difference… The Challenger is a much better design (No prejudice, again…eh?…), and is easily distinguished from a ‘Cuda….. It would be like a MoPar nut calling a Camero a Trans Am…..

Now, on the other hand, if you’re a MoPar Nut, and you like the design of the ‘Cuda over the Challenger – Your Brain’s warped….. The design is the basic difference between the ‘Cuda and the Challenger – all the running gear and accessories are almost Identical……. Here is a hardcore MoPar “CudaHead”……

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  1. #1 by huskysooner

    But you’re just talking about aesthetics, right? Otherwise, just like the Camaro and the TrashAm, they’re the same car. I agree that the Challenger looks much, much better.

    I’ll take a 396 Chevelle, thank you. Or a 300SL Mercedes.

  2. #2 by MRambler

    Yes, basically aesthetics….. The Challenger did have a 2″ longer wheelbase, but, they were both uni-body constructed cars (Main body and frame welded together in one piece)…… See, HS is no ‘CudaHead – he knows what looks good…. Of course, he could have meant that even though the Challenger looked better that a ‘Cuda – they were both ugly….HA!….

    In the Chevy department, I was always partial to the ’63 fastback Corvette with the gull wing doors….. I got to drive one with a 427/4-speed once….. It was a blast….. In the import area, I wouldn’t have minded having a Porsche 911 (or 910, I don’t remember), the flat looking one, not the Boxer one…..

  3. I believe you are talking about the 914.

  4. In the Chevy department…….I loved my raked out black 48 coup with Olds grill…….ununi-body for easy repair.

  5. #5 by MRambler

    Yep, you’re right, Robo, it is the 914……

    Sounds like a classic, Anon – Never heard of grill-interchanging on G.M. cars… We MoPar people did it all the time – a ’71 Challenger grille and Tail light assemblies are an almost direct bolt-on to a ’70 Challenger….. Being prejudice to to ’71 design, I considered it a huge improvement…. Yeah, the separate frame and body thing has it’s advantages when it’s repair and/or modification time, but, the UniBody did provide stronger overall strength and less rattles and squeaks……

    Wish I had my ’71 Hemi 4-Speed Challenger back now….. Probably, get a bunch of tickets, and, until I get the electronic over-drive fixed on my Dodge Raider, The Hemi would get better gas mileage….. It would be so co-o-o-l to cruise in it a few more times – Then sell it and take the money and run – Move to Seattle….. A man can dream, can’t he?….. It’s about all we have left now……

  6. The scarry part is the picture you used. Isn’t using that the same as doing the “He who Shall Remain Nameless” Call?

  7. Just don’t look at it Three (3) times in a row!….. MR Central is not responsible if you do…….

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