6 Degrees of Jojo

For those of you new to our world, Jek, MR and some others have an annual outing called “Jojo Fest”
One of the first ones was in 2007 in Ft. Worth, TX. MR, and Robo drove down from MR Central in what would become known as “The Jojo Mobile”
Afterwards I purchased said vehicle.
Here’s a Pic. JoJo Mobile
Well not too long after acquiring this fine piece of History, I saw a CD in a Truck stop with a pic on the cover of the Jojo Mobile. But alas I did not grab it at the time, and forgot who the artist was. When I stopped back by it was gone. (I Know I Know) circa 2010.
Fast Forward 2014
I finally saw the CD again and lo and behold it would turn out to be one of the hottest new artists on the scene today.
The Black Keys!

Pretty Cool Huh.
By The Way, A good album Check it out. One of the new bands that I can listen to.

6 Responses to “6 Degrees of Jojo”

  1. The very same mobile?

  2. Naw. Don’t think so.

  3. you never can tell, Mr. J……. eh?…… It’s a STRANGE and even sometimes a wonderful world – BUT, don’t bet on it!…….

  4. Thank you, Mr. Higs…… He bought me a brand new VINYL copy of the album, which also includes the CD of it…… There is also a huge poster inside, but, I don’t want to open it yet, as it is a FACTORY SEALED copy….. I’ll see how long I can hold out! (Ha!)…….

  5. This one has been bothering me since I first saw this album……. The name of the album is “El Camino”?…… If I’m not mistaken that is the exact name of a car/pickup type vehicle made by GM….. The vehicle pictured on the album “El Camino” is a full-size Dodge van, as a matter of fact, TWO (2) Dodge Vans – There’s a different one on the back of the album!…… Both of them manufactured by Chrysler Corporation!…… Anyone know the reasoning behind it?…… Oh, Well, it’s only Rock and Roll!…….

  6. According to their website: The Title is an “Oxy-Moron” . El Camino, Sporty, Stylish, Performance,? – Caravan, None of the above. And the Picture is supposed to be of the 2 different Minivans that they did their early touring in.

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