Russians find a ’67 Hemi Belvedere in a barn…..

Ok, so I may have misidentified the vehicle at first glance, it’s an understandable mistake. It’s actually a bit more bad-ass than climbing into some dusty Hamtramck steel, turning a key, and blowing a dead squirrel out of an exhaust pipe. What they did salvage, was a Hitler-thumpin’, 152mm howitzer-totin’, Wermacht-squishin’ 50-ton ISU-152 tank destroyer that had been sitting in a field since we were still Liking Ike. (The russian name is “Zveroboy” , which translates to “Deerslayer”. With the possible exception of the glowing super-deer around Chernobyl that’ve been in all the news, I had no idea russian deer were robust enough to require a 152mm HE round to the face to secure a venison dinner. Ted Nugent has expressed his interest.)

I’m mainly just throwing this in as a test of my ability to navigate the blog features, the page was in russian so I threw a Google-translation of the poster’s blog page after the link, sloppy, but you’ll get the gist of things. The actual start-up is about 10 minutes in, and things get rolling at the 12 minute mark. I can’t help but think that some similar scene happened behind PL’s house back in the day….


ISU-152 YouTube


 ” Deerslayer ” ready for battle !

During search operations in 2003 with . Golinka Chernihiv region staff research and production company “Tanais” found self-propelled artillery ISU-152 ” Deerslayer “, which stood in the center of the village near the village council , and for many years partly rooted in the ground . Acquainted with the local authorities learned that she came to him after the war, and its going to put on a pedestal . But unfortunately it was not destined to become a landmark since the village council at the time there was no money for the construction of the pedestal. And then about her at all forgotten. Once it still used when it was necessary to uproot some powerful trees in the village center . Trees tied thick chains and shipboard , for self-propelled guns had no problems with the roots to pull them out of the land .
Remembered the self-propelled , when scrap prices have started to rise . All hatches were opened at the self-propelled . Locals and visitors were more likely to visit this place during the Second World War. All that could be unscrewed and removed, was withdrawn. Speaking of the gun. She was ready to fight. Lacked only striker . We had to make demilitarization . Gas welding and cut the barrel brewed bolt carrier . But most importantly – the engine was in place, no one before him could not reach . Experts have restored the power supply system and engine starter compressed air. Cooling system lacked two radiators (they were made ​​of aluminum ) . Then established a system of fuel supply for the simplified scheme . After many years of being in the open air , rain and snow have done their job . Self-propelled start to rust from the inside. Had to change the high pressure fuel pump . Fuel and air filters also fallen into disrepair . After all these events , we connected to the electrical system two KAMAZ battery. Before starting the engine , we were able to use a crowbar to manually crank the motor shaft. To our delight he was “alive”. After the first attempt to start the engine with the help of batteries, “he cleared his throat, ” and earned . With exhaust pipes flew leaves, and a lot of different stuff. The driver tried three times to move the ” Deerslayer ” in first gear , but to no avail . And only after engaging reverse gear , ” Deerslayer ” left his ” trench ” …
And then someone joked that Tymoshenko is going on … The Supreme Council .
And , after a short walk along the countryside ” motor noise ” heard by the district administration and the region. And while the political situation in the country was not stable .
Unfortunately , the police have lost six months to conduct examinations and audits of all documents on this occasion. Fortunately all ended well . Any violations of the law of Ukraine was found.

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  1. Ok the title wasn’t fair. But Grasshopper you catch on quick. Dat’s Da Way to do it round here. Kinda does remind one of the days of reviving some old piece of Detroit’s finest from the pasture and going cruising mixed with the prep for the 4th of July blowout Too Loose Productions Fireworks Division.

  2. The days of restoring something out of the pasture are long gone….. Don’t have the enthusiasm or the endurance to handle that kind of fun anymore…. Still, it’s very interesting and still fun to read about and amazing that there are still stuff like that just sitting around all over the World…..

  3. Yeah, it’s easy to get lost in the related video string. I found a lot of vids of WWII vehicles getting pulled out of swamps or found in a forest, but that was the first one I’d seen that was able to be fixed, started, and moved in what looked like only an afternoon!

    Recently had another WWII mystery solved up in Canada:

    As well as a coded message from a dead pigeon found in a UK chimney a couple of years ago:

    (Can’t help but feel sad on that last one. In the deep forests of Germany there might be an elderly english company quietly crouched, as the sergeant whispers “Steady, lads! Any day now!”)

  4. Man, you do have a lot of time on your hands…… eh?, Mr. Higgs?….. BUT, I’m really enjoying the stuff you’re Posting…… Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a bunch of replies really quick….. Most of us on the Blog are retired or retarded and it takes us a while to digest and respond to this much input all at once….. You’ll get used to it and we’ll try to keep up until you wear yourself down (Ha!)……

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