Ironic Isn’t It ?

A couple of weeks ago I was loading at the El Reno, OK Federal correctional facility. While waiting to be admitted into the secure area, I noticed that the guards who driving around the perimeter of the prison were all driving these small SUV vehicles.

8 Responses to “Ironic Isn’t It ?”

  1. Sounds like your typically run Government operation….. I wonder if they have raffles at the prison where a lucky inmate could, for the small price of a raffle ticket, win an “Escape”?…..

  2. Ford should use that in a commercial “let our Escape take you away from your life sentence”.

  3. RoboLsd,

    That’s a winner. Ford should pay money for it.

  4. Hey J. What were you loading? license plates?

  5. Maybe J. was loading Prisoners?…. Are you on the lamb now, J.?…..

  6. No J. wasn’t loading anything he’s the driver, PDB was loading the prisoners. That’s why he wanted Anon’s 22/250 prisoner control. Just one more squad for PDB’s army of fried chicken lovers.

  7. Huh, I’ll have to ask PD Bob about that….. I didn’t know he wanted to add “Warden” to his Resume……

  8. I was loading metal shelving. The FCI El Reno has the largest Metal Fab shop of any government entity. They make Metal shelving, and storage racks. If the government has a set of shelves it was probably made in El Reno.
    Now I did notice that when I was driving into the security area a small furry blur beside the truck, The guard said he didn’t see anything. I’m wondering, Has fur Butt been practicing Invisibility (ie The Shadow)?

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