OK, it’s sad that I know this….

But thought I’d wish one of MR’s old girlfriends a happy birthday! (I’m pretty sure even he had forgotten this, until I brought it up……)


Born 6-4-71, if I’m not mistaken. Hope the old gal’s holding up better than I am, wherever she is!




2 Responses to “OK, it’s sad that I know this….”

  1. I can’t believe that you remembered the build date for the Hemi Challenger!….. Yep, That’s really AMAZING and SAD at the same time, Mr. Higs….. I figured only Jek and I and maybe, dare I say it, Booker the Tub ever knew that date….. I hadn’t forgot it, but, you’re right, I really hadn’t thought of it today until you Posted this….. I kinda wonder where it’s at now and definitely wish I still owned it (Considering what it’s worth now!)…….

  2. Yes Very Sad. It goes to show what you kids were paying attention to back then.

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