A Little Help?…..

MRB’s getting domesticated…… I know, it’s hard to believe….. I went out and actually bought a Bed with a bookcase headboard and a matching Night Stand with Two (2) Humongous sized drawers….. I’ve figured out where my mattress goes and some of the junk, including books, that will go in the headboard…..

It’s the Night Stand drawers that have me stalemated…. What could you possibly need while in bed, or in the middle of the night that would fill two (2) HUGE drawers?….. Books? – in the headboard, Gun? – under the pillow (extra ammo, too), Medications? – Not a good idea to grab some meds when you’re asleep….. So What?….. I’m calling on any domesticated MR Community members to offer up what you store in your Night Stand….. If I get no suggestions, I’ll just use them for CD/DVD storage…..

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  1. Need to know how big the drawers…….measurements please.

    Maybe they’re thinking you’re a young father and want to shove Jek in and close the drawer.

  2. 13.5 in. x 17.5 in. x 5 in. deep – That’s times 2, since there are two drawers….. That’s BIG to me…… I guess they could be used for baby cribs, but, they would have to have been thinking of twins, or one for the kid and the other one for dirty diapers (yuck)…. Not too good of selling points I would think, and, there’s no air holes in the sides…..

  3. Drawing on my short time with my lady love. I have to say guys us the top of the night stand gals us the drawers. Guys alarm clock, glasses or contact lens, the book your reading, a class of water. Gals lip gloss, nail polish, miscellaneous make up, at least two sets of pajamas in case you change your mind in the middle of the night, jewelry boxes, a photo album, letters and cards from friends and family, and all the stuff that guys have. If your a smoker ash tray, smokes, lighter, spare lighter. If your a clutter-bug just start stuffing until the drawers won’t close. Come to think about it you need at least two night stands.

  4. I think that bout covers it.

  5. Books. Candle stuff. Infuser. Defensive firearms (Glock 23 and/or M1911A1) should be in a fast-access lockbox, preferably located elsewhere.

  6. Thanks for all the input, MRnites….. It’s DVD storage, with some maybe a few midnight snacks in the top drawer….. The drawers are exactly the right height for the standard case DVD’s with the spline up for easy location……

    HS, “elsewhere” could be an impossible distance when confronted with an armed burglar….. I understand I would probably do as you suggest if I had other people living in my household….. I keep my 1967 U.S. Army issue M1911A1 with clip in, but, no round in chamber, which prevents accidental discharge….. A weapon within reach is an old Army LRRP habit I can’t seem to break……

  7. I sleep with a fully loaded Rugger black hawk 44 magnum and I sleep very well knowing that sound that woke me up will be that burglars last sound to hear. It would be different if I had kids in the house.

  8. .38 Cal S&W K Frame Snub Nose. Antacids, Paperclips, Crossword Book, Pocket Size Dictionary, $2.57 in Change, Kleenex, One Timex Digital Watch (Broken), Two Prophylactics, One new (One Soiled).

  9. J., all your items are related except the last two (2), which are “Blues Brothers” related, Jake…… Everything revolves around the Crossword Book (CWB)….. Let us Sherlock Holmes it….. The Dictionary is obvious….. The Paperclips are for marking the page you’re on in the CWB….. The $2.57 is savings to buy a new CWB when this one is finished….. The Kleenex is used when you “Weep for Joy” on completion of a puzzle….. The Antacids are munched when the puzzle isn’t going so well…. – AND, the .38 S&W Snubby-Nose is used on the CWB when you have absolutely, positively, and forever had it with CWB’s (Of course, you go out and buy a new one the next day)……

    Does that about cover it all, Mr. J.?…… I think I’ll still go with the DVD storage idea, but, in the top drawer, I will keep some space for the History books and CD’s you’ve loaned me….. Maybe I won’t lose them that way……

  10. 22 Cal Mainard Jr.

  11. #11 by huskysooner

    Nice to know you all are so well prepared. I’ll make sure i knock before coming in! 🙂

  12. Maybe an announcement of, “Hey, It’s HuskySooner, I’m armed but friendly”, and then knock…… I didn’t realize the community was so well protected….. I’m now thinking of starting an “MRambler Boot Camp”….. Some of you may need a little brush-up on training with those cannons you have…. I was a U.S. Army Drill Sergeant – Smokey Bear hat and all…… PD Bob is demanding to be Acting Corporal….. Claims he can be the “Poster Child” for the Boot Camp Ad…..

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