“Will You Still Need Me?…..

…..Will You Still Feed Me?”…… I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let the Community know just how old MRB is, but, if you know the song that the two opening lines are from, the secret’s out…… October 3rd was the day, and, I can’t believe I’ve reached that plateau in my life….. Heck, I never imagined, when I was a young know-it-all, of ever getting old…… I don’t feel like I’m old, except in the mornings – Mornings are a bitch!….. I always subscribed to “My Generation” by the Who, “Hope I die before I get old”….. Now, I really want to see that 100 or longer mark, as long as I don’t become a vegetable….. In that case I would say, “Pull the plug, Doc, “I’ve had all I can stands, I can’t stands no more (Popeye)””…… Will someone bring me my Walker, my Guitar, and my Harp(Harmonica, Boy, not one of those Angel Harps)?….. I still got a few Blues songs left in me……

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  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, getting old is not for sissies.

    Keep on trucken dude guy.

  2. Many Happy Returns (Late as usual) You know sometimes I can’t believe how long I have known you. And really you don’t look a day over eighty. My Mom used to call you the “Worlds Oldest Living Teenager”

  3. Still am, J.J., P.L. used to say that too…… Who’s this 80 year old youse be talkin’ ’bout?….. PDB is updating your Dossier right now – It doesn’t look good….. I expect to be around at least another 80 years, anyway, the mind seems to stay really sharp, while the body wants to be returned to factory for re-grooving….. The way I see it, once your time has come, you don’t have to lift a finger to clean-up the mess you left behind – That “Taking it with you” jazz is over-rated – You leave with a clean slate and don’t have to worry about keeping track of, or maintaining anything, while all your relatives/friends get stuck with sorting out all the junk and mess you left behind….. In my case, they’re going to busy for quite a while, so, I’ll apologize now and head out and buy myself a second Birthday Present (Ha!)…… Life is Great – Friends and Relatives are Great – Death is just one of those things you can’t do anything about, so why worry or even think about it?…..

  4. Now that I look at my last comment, I see a Blues song in there….. I think I’ll call, “The Mess You Leave Behind”…… Whatta you think, MR-nites?……

  5. I need a copy of “The Mess You Left Behind” in case you go first. I’ll be singing it for a long time. Please include instructions in the lyrics. 🙂

  6. Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday!

  8. Another big benefit of being of mature age, is this was the year for me to renew my driver’s license….. Instead of paying a fee of $21.50 for the renewal, it only cost me $3.75….. If I would have been one year older, it would have been FREE!….. There are benefits to being in the higher bracket of life….. I’m not sure they offset all the extra care you have to take to stay healthy….. I’ll let you know in my official Biography, which I had better get started on soon….. I don’t know if I can top “RT’s Escapades”, but, I’ll give it a try….. (Jek and Anon know who I’m talking about)…..

    Oh, yeah, I have started writing “The Mess You Leave Behind” – Look for it on the “Pancake” label – another Too-Loose Production…..

  9. I finally decided that the title for the song I plan to write shall be: “The Mess You Left”….. Short and to the point….. If you’re confused, read all the above comments on this Post……

    Any suggestions on lyrics and/or style of music (Blues, R&R, Alternative, etc.) will be appreciated and considered….

  10. #10 by rickeywrudy

    I can’t wait to hear it. That’s something that haunts me when I wake in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. Geez, the fam is going to say who knew she kept all this stuff and what order did she think it was in……NONE???

    Fortunately, still alive and kicken and many more messes to be made. Get ready for it!!! Who knows what will be discovered in the end…..

  11. Well, I’ve begun the process of writing “The Mess You Left”…… I wrote a couple of verses I wrote in about ten minutes….. Probably will be lots of changes as I get further into my neurosis…..

    I have to get me a voice recorder or start carrying a pad and pencil, I came up with two great lines when I was driving yesterday – I thought there was no way I would forget them – I did! – Maybe the mind does go with the body as we age….. Damn!…. Oh, Well, You do what you can, and then you do a little more…..

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