One More Blues…..

Really, I’m not trying to turn MRambler Central into a Blues Blog, but, I just can’t pass up passin’ this one on…. You can blame some of this on Jek, as he is the one who got me two tickets to see “Watermelon Slim” at “The “Blue Door” for my birthday…… So-o-o, I’m back into my MRambler – Bluesman mode…..

Let me tell you this, “Back to the Future” as nothing on time travel….. Entering The Blue Door is like stepping back to the late ’60’s – early ’70’s…. It’s hard to describe, but, it’s like being invited to a friend’s house that is full of musicians and hardcore music lovers….. From the outside, the only way that you know you’re there is the painted double Blue Doors – No signs – No entrance directions – It’s an establishment dedicated to Music, run by musicians for musicians for the love of Music, not the Music Industry Buck….. Doesn’t matter if it’s your first time there, or your 100th, you’re treated as trusted friend – You’re not only the audience – You are part of the Act….. The interaction between the performer on the stage and audience become one, from the Music itself to discussions on other artists and equipment….. Trust me, I think you would find it impossible to locate another venue in the World that would satisfy you more…… I guarantee you that if you taped a copy of their upcoming events on the wall, threw a dart, went to see whatever artist the dart picked, whether you had ever heard of them or not, you would come away with one of the most satisfying times of your life…… Here’s a couple of pics of “The Blue Door” and a couple of “Watermelon Slim” With MRB and Roger Harrison – Mr. Bassman:

What can I say about “Watermelon Slim” other than he is the best damn Delta style Ex-Truck Driver I’ve ever heard….. He also takes “Cover Songs” and makes them his own….. Sort of like Hendrix did with cover songs….. If there’s one thing you need to do before you leave this mortal coil is see him “Live”…… This is MRambler – Bluesman stepping down off the pulpit, reachin’ for my harp and guitar to find some redemption….. Bluz – It Loud……

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  1. I forgot to include the details on the Interior shot of The Blue Door….. This is what you would see as you come in the entrance (once you find it! Ha!)…… I’m pretty sure the girl on the left is Annie Raines, a Harp player, and, that is going on seeing a picture of her on the cover of “Big City Rhythm & Blues” magazine…. I don’t know the other lady, but, I’m sure she has something to do with the Music (Let me know who you are, and I’ll add it to the Post)……

    Also, all of you Blues fans I talked to at the Blue Door, after you read this Post, scroll down and catch the Three (3) Posts I made on the Chicago Blues scene….. I was just there last month….. Met some great Bluesmen including Harmonica Hinds and Eric “Guitar” Davis where we hung out at Buddy Guy’s Legends club and Chicago Blues…..

    Oh, Yeah, if you want to make a comment or become a member of the Rambling Community of MRambler Central, please remember that until you are an approved member, your comments or Posts will be held in moderation until I or Jek approve them….. We were having so much trouble with spammers that we had to tighten security to keep them out….. Once you’re an approved member, your comment or Post will be published immediately….. I check the Blog quite often, so there shouldn’t be any great delay if you wish to just make the odd comment without becoming a member…… No dues or fees…. Also, at the present time, most of our members are either in Oklahoma or Seattle, although, we have those that have moved into different states expanding our little Rambling Community….. Bluz-On….

  2. I always thought you knew about the Blue Door, Or I would have turned you on to it long ago. I agree it is one of the best venues to see music the way it should be experienced. Up close and Personal.

  3. Yeah, I had heard of it, but, just thought it was another club like any other club in OKC area…… There are other so-called Blues clubs around, which are nothing more than bars that play some Blues music while you sit there and worry about your well-being and your vehicle in the parking lot….. Not very enjoyable…….

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