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Yep, MR is now an acknowledged “Bluesman” by one of the best –Chicago Blues great Harmonica Hinds…. Check out the background on my earlier Chicago Blues Post. I finally got around to sending him an e-mail* yesterday along with a copy of Dan’s Blues (Blues for Dan) for H.H. to check out, of course I really didn’t expect to hear anything back – Boy, was I surprised and overjoyed when I received this:

Hi MRambler good to hear from you and I do remember when you
visited Buddy Guy’s Legends with your friends. I listened to
the cut on the download and enjoyed it immensely. Keep up
the good work. And whenever you return to Chicago come on by
the club and hopefully I’ll hear you play live. I have a jam
session on Sundays from 6 to 8pm. Ok MRambler keep making
Harmonica Hinds

Here’s a shot of us together at “Buddy Guy’s Legends” club:

…And here’s one of the autographed CD:

As I said in my e-mail*, He has a new CD out, “Anything if I Could”, which I ordered and am waiting for in anticipation….. If you’re interested in Harmonica Hinds and his music, and I don’t see how you couldn’t be – Check out his website and support the Blues by buying a few dozen copies of his albums……eh?

So-o-o, from now on, Please refer to me as “MRambler – Bluesman”

* My e-mail to him was quite long, so I included it as Comment #1

6 Responses to “MRambler/Harmonica Hinds – Bluesmen…”

  1. Here’s the e-mail I sent to Harmonica Hinds:

    Mr. H.H.:

    I don’t know if you remember me, but, I had the honor of seeing you perform at Buddy Guy’s Legends club on 10SEP10….. MRambler is the handle I go by….. I was with a bunch of friends from all over the US that get together once a year in a different city and check out local music acts and generally have a great time hangin’ out with each other (No, we are definitely NOT rich, but, being with friends is the greatest asset and joy you can have)….. We call it JoJo Fest and the phrase that best describes us is “We’re All JoJo’s on this Bus”…… Anyway, I did purchase and get you to autograph a copy of “Finally”, and I’m going to purchase your latest CD when I finish this e-mail….. Oh, Yeah, I requested “Big Boss Man” and was definitely not disappointed with the super version you and Eddie did….. Thanks for keeping the Blues “Still Alive and Well”……

    I also told you I had been playing in a band since 1974 named, “Terraplane” (taken from “Terraplane Blues” By RJ)….. We still get together with the original members after all these years….. We lost our other guitar player in 2003….. I wrote a song about him called “Dan’s Blues (Blues for Dan)” on which I play all the guitar parts (lead, slide, rhythm), Harmonica, and back-up vocals….. I placed an edited tag on the end that was recorded at our first gig in December, 1974 (34 years earlier), which is the slow part of “Midnight Rambler” by the Stones….. It was the one song that Dan sang and he always changed the lyrics just out of the blue everytime we performed it….. I’m playing Harp on it also……

    I don’t know if this e-mail will even get to you – or, if you’re the slightest bit interested in hearing a bit of off-blues….. The guitars are tuned to open A and capo-ed on the second fret placing the song in B (same tuning as “Terraplane Blues”)….. I’m attaching an MP3 file of it for your enjoyment or punishment….. I would be honored if you let me know what you think….. Not looking for anything but a little communication between Bluesmen……

    Keep up the tradition and thanks for the memories in Chicago…..


    – MRambler

  2. Cool “MrBlueRam”.

  3. Close, but no cigar, Robo, the R needs to be capitalized ….. I like the idea, though, so-o-o, Let’s go with the initials of MRB, which can stand for MRBlueram, MRBluesman, or the best of which is MRBluesmaster! Yeah, that’s it! The Master of the Blues (on this Blog, anyway) is MRB….. Anon may beg to differ, but, after all, it IS my Blog….. Thank you very much……

  4. I just checked my e-mail as I had sent one to Harmonica Hinds to let me know of this Post….. Here’s his reply:

    MRambler-Bluesman, thanks for the kind words and the suggestions on your website. Man Oh Man! You never know who you’ll meet in this world. That’s the reason why it’s been my policy to be kind and pleasant to everyone. And you have reaffirmed my policy. Man you made my day!
    Harmonica Hinds

    That’s about as cool as it gets…… Notice he called me MRambler – Bluesman (Ha!)…… As Eek the Cat says, “It never hurts to help”…..

    Support our Blues musicians ’cause “The Blues is the Truth” and we all get ’em sometimes (if you’re Human)…..

  5. Hay, white men can play the blues. Play on.

  6. Just got a FREE download from Harmonica Hinds of his new single called, “Walking Down the Street”…… How cool is that?….. I e-mailed him back to see if he would allow me to Post it on the Blog….. If I get the go ahead, you MR Community members are in for a real treat!……

    Here’s the e-mail he sent me:

    MRambler-Bluesman, greetings to you and thanks for your support! I have a free download for you if you go to
    —– I BLOCKED OUT THE ADDRESS for obvious reasons——
    Hope you enjoy it.

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