North to Alaska (Almost)……

Yes, MR is making a Thanksgiving inspection of residents of MR Central located in the Great NorthWest…… eh?….. Flights are booked and plans are made……. From the 18th thru the 27th , all my posts and/or comments will come from the secret MR server located there….. I am hoping to see rain, snow, and clouds, three things you DON”T see in Oklahoma….. I hope not to see abundant sunshine, hot/cold temps at the same time, and wind as Oklahoma weather consists of Too Hot, Too Cold, Too Windy, or a combination of any or all of them at the same time….. We get so little moisture, there’s no reason to factor it in…..

So-o-o, watch out Seattle and surrounding locations, MR is on the way!……. eh?….

14 Responses to “North to Alaska (Almost)……”

  1. Closer to Canada…….eh?

    We have some weather for you to look at. How about some floods. ( we are supposed to get hit again today with high winds and rain…you lucky guy). Remember that little town on the Skagit River on our road trip. Wiped out again and they still rebuild there. Hurry, before the waters recede. Maybe we can play a little music between storms. Jek’s Basement is dry.

  2. I remember Seattle. It rains. Then it rains some more. Then it stops raining for a couple hours but drizzles. Then it rains some more. Repeat until the middle of July.

    The occasional Nov/Dec/Jan windstorms are fun, though.

  3. interspersed with volcanoes and earthquakes.

  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear this every time I go to Seattle…… I get there, and, somehow, the clouds disappear, the sun shines, I sweat, and everybody claims it’s the rainy season and this is most unusual….. So, get ready for sunshine up there, I’m bringin’ it (not that I want to, it just seems to follow me)…….

    This is your official 2-day countdown warning to MR’s touchdown at SEA-TAC….. Run and hide while you can!…….

  5. It looks like the weather will be pretty unsettled (wind and showers) for your visit this time ’round, MR.

  6. I realize you have inside info, HS, but, I’ll bet you “the standard bet” (one dollar) that there will be more sunshine in Washington than in Oklahoma where-ever I’m at during my stay……. The 18th through part of the 22nd I’ll be in Seattle, the rest of the 22nd through part of the 26th, I’ll be in Skamokawa, then back to Seattle for the remainder of the 26th and fly-out of SEA-TAC on the 27th….. Care to wager?……. Documented records will be required…..

  7. Don’t be more than a dollar. We are setting records up here.

  8. That’s “bet” more than a dollar.

  9. “The Standard Bet” of one U.S. dollar was established long ago between JEK and I….. As a matter of fact, JEK still has one dollar he won on his last trip sitting next to my computer…… I guess he’ll pick it up on his Christmas visit, or lose it on some other bet we might make….. I hope he’s not expecting to collect interest on it….

    Looks as if I don’t have any takers on my “Weather in Washington” bet….. The odds are in my favor….. Don’t “Feel Lucky, Punks?”…..

    Oh, by the way, on this morning’s newscast, they showed Salmon swimming across a flooded road in Washington state….. I hope to see this in person next week, but, with my luck…….

  10. That was Skokomish River on Hoods Channel. Bring your hip boots.

  11. Let me allude to the “Standard Bet” Watch the movie Trading Places.

  12. Day two, good ole rain today here in Seattle.

  13. J.J., thanks for reminding me about “Trading Places”….. That is where I got that from….. Jek didn’t remember……

    I have to call Anon on his day two rain comment….. Here’s how it’s gone so far:….. Day one: bright sunshine on the flight up here until we were directly over Seattle….. The day contained some “Sun Breaks” but was mostly cloudy…. NO RAIN….. Day Two: Actual drizzly rain in the morning, but by noon just cloudy…. We raked Maple leaves in the afternoon….. So, not a lot of rain (0.46″) as Anon indicates…… Day Three (today): Predicted rain, BUT, the sun is shining brightly and the temp is already over 50 degrees….. Seattle finally realized I am here!….. Unfortunately, this means I can do outdoor antenna work and finish the leave raking as we ran out of bags yesterday……. So-o-o, in three days, there has been less than half a day of spotty rain, not the drenching I have been hearing about over the past few weeks…… I will request HS to do a comparison of Seattle and Oklahoma sunshine totals after I return on the 27th…….

  14. I think I’m losing this one…… Later on the third day it started raining, but, I did manage to bring a real Oklahoma thunderstorm to Seattle on the fourth day…… Wind, hail, lightning, thunder – the complete works….. Lasted only about 15 minutes or so, just like in Oklahoma……. Hit and run….. Day five is cloudy and raining, but, maybe things will change when we head south to the Columbia River area…….

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