That Right Friends It’s time to get out there and make a difference on Tuesday, Lets take back our country from special interests and Big business. The old saying that “If you don’t vote you can’t bitch” should be amended to “If you don’t vote you have no one to blame but your self”
Remember “You have one, Use it!”

3 Responses to “11/07/2006”

  1. I WILL be at the polls today….. Whether I end up voting for the best candidate is up in the air…… In Oklahoma, the mud slinging began months ago….. If you believe all the political ads, everyone running for office should be locked behind bars!….. It’s impossible to sort through all the flack…. My phone was ringing every 10 minutes or so last night with political ads….. What happened to the “NO-Call” thing?….. I guess it doesn’t apply to the politic ans that voted it in….. There is something really wrong with this picture…. I’m getting seriously tired of being forced to vote for the lesser of the “evils” I’m presented with on recent ballots….. It’s a shame that politics have become such a crooked career (it’s not supposed to be a career in the first place) that we are unable to get anyone honest, who could do the job, interested in running….. I guess I can’t say much, that’s why you don’t see my name on the ballot…. “MR for Prez”….. Just maybe….. Next election….

  2. No-Call doesn’t apply to nonprofit.

  3. My vote is in. The voting machine is probably still chewing on it (literally).

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