You all know what “bar time”

is but, what is an “Alibi Clock”. You’ll have to dig for this one. It comes from 1887.

5 Responses to “EDUCATIONAL QUIZ…….Alibi Clock”

  1. That’s a toughie…… In 1887, It would be really hard to reset the time on a clock in your house after a night of partying without getting caught…… Maybe you could teach the rooster to crow an hour or two later than usual…….

  2. Sorry, nothing to do with roosters.

  3. Answer……A clock which strikes one hour while the hands point to a different time, the real time being neither one or the other.

  4. So an alibi clock isn’t even right twice a day!

    OK, but what’s it for?

  5. It’s never right. What’s it for? Got me. Maybe it’s a name for a bum clock. I don’t know the answers to these cosmic type trufs.

    I just asked my wife why. She said…….”Maybe so you can say you were somewhere at a specific time (when you weren’t) and not perjure yourself. ‘It was the clocks fault.’ ” Sounds cosmic.

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