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Recently Sirius Satellite Radio introduced the Stiletto, The Totally self contained Portable sat. Receiver. Now the next phase in the revolution is the Launch of Sirius Internet Radio. Now you don’t even have to have a receiver to listen to 100% commercial free music and the best entertainment today just log in to your account from any computer and listen. Just $12.95 a month.
Lets send the Radio Monopolies (Clear Channel, Inferion Etc) and the FCC a clear message “Were Mad as hell and we won’t take it anymore” Quit telling us what we can listen to and what we should not hear! NO MORE BULLS@%T.
I Know that this a blatant plug, but I just want all of you to hear what i have discovered each day You guys are the smartest people that I know and you shouldn’t be forced to listen to stupid dumbed down entertainment.

3 Responses to “Join The Revolution”

  1. I take it I can get all the info I need on this “Serious” stuff off of the website?….. If I had the cash, or could find the investors, I’d start my own radio station….. I already have the library, but, alas, the paperwork and copyright crap would require volumes of lawyers and clerks just to play one cut of “Captain Beefheart” or “Terraplane”…..

  2. Keep in mind that there are plenty of great internet radio stations to have a listen at, some without commercials. Why are we mad as hell? I stopped listening to broadcast radio long ago. If there is nothing good to listen to, then why do it? This is similar to the old saying: If it hurts when you do it, then stop doing it!

  3. Jek: Youre absoutely right, Still there are some that still listen to the BS Terrestrial Radio ( There must be or else they would have gone away by now) and you are right there are some great internet radio stations that you have turned me onto but I’m into Sirius not just for the music but for the whole entertainment that it provides, Imagine how great it is driving thru montana sat afternoon listening to Bob Barry call an OU game live. And yes I am now addicted to Howard Stern and all the programming that he provides I know that he may not be everyones cup of tea but it beats the hell out of the morning shows that are on now all with their nouggies cut off afraid that they will get turned into the FCC.

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