Flight Details (The Inside Scoop)…….

As I mentioned in my previous post on this great North-by-West Adventure, I was leery of the DFW plane change experience……. I was very surprised and pleased to find that they vastly improved the tram system and it was no hassle getting to my departure gate with plenty of time to spare, but there was one big problem……. The plane we were supposed to fly on got pulled at the last minute……. They substituted a 767 and everyone had to go to the counter to get new seat assignments…… This wasn’t the problem…… I got to keep my window seat, and after telling the agent that I still wanted to be on the “A” side of the plane, she gave me seat 17A and told me that I would really enjoy it…… I wondered what she meant, but that wasn’t the big problem either…. After boarding the plane, I found that seat “17A” was in a two-seater private compartment with a heavy curtain so that you could be totally separated from the other passengers and crew sort of like the old private sleeping compartments on cross-country trains…… This wasn’t the problem either…… The seats were big and plushy with electric recline, lumbar, footrest up/down and footrest extension……. No problem….. Plenty of room and storage space for your carry-ons….. No problem……. “17B” was the problem…… Instead of some nice, beautiful female with a great personality, or even a human of any kind, I draw lots with some 70ish anal with a serious attitude…… Talk about a waste of cool space!……. I immediately reclined , extended the footrest, fired up my DVD player and tried to make the flight go by as fast as possible…… But, I guess, all-in-all, my trip up here was good….. It just could’ve been so much better!!!……..

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  1. I heard 17B said the same about you. 😀 😀 😀

  2. Dare I ask why you desire the left-hand side of the aircraft?

  3. I was using logic, which, somehow didn’t work in this case, HS……. I calculated that if I’m flying in a NW direction and the Sun comes up in the East, that if I booked seats on the left side going to Seattle and on the right side for the return trip, I wouldn’t have to put up with the Sun shining annoyingly in the window all the time, BUT, it did anyway!….. I don’t know if we flew around the world in a southern direction to get to Seattle or what…… I can’t believe the Winter Sun could be that low in the Southern sky to have it shining in my window the whole trip…. I half-expected to land in Mexico City instead of Seattle……. I left OKC at 0630 and DFW at 0910, which should have put me on the dark side of the aircraft, but NO….. You tell me…… Was my world rotating backwards that day?…….

  4. Extreme head winds…….or……. You were flying tail first?

  5. Now I remember!….. We were flying upside down!…… That would account for the head rush, cold feet, and the annoying Sun…….

  6. I thought maybe you were trying for a certain view or that your ipod only worked on the left side. I’ve seen Rainier from both sides of the plane. The view of the city from the right side of a plane landing at Seatac from the north is spectacular.

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