ROUND II: E-QUIZ 6……Honey Madness

What is,

how do you get Honey Madness?

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  1. Honey sometimes contains botulism spores, which is why you don’t feed it to babies. That’s not madness, though. Hmmmm.

    Are the bees feasting on flowers growing in a pool of mercury?

  2. #2 by Randalf the Grey

    There are two varieties of Rhododendrons (ponticum & luteum), the nectar of which, when consumed by bees, causes the bees to produce honey which, in turn, produces hallucinogenic and laxitive symptoms in humans. The plants are native to Turkey. Whether honey madness caused those snapping Turks who invaded Pepperland is unknown at this time, although I suspect they were caused by a DIFFERENT hallucinogen.

  3. Here’s how you get it: You go to the closest strip club (or bar) and announce loudly, “Honey, I’m here to give you my money!”……. Depending on just how much money you have will determine the severity of “Honey Madness” you achieve…… ….or you can go to the planet “Risa” if you can hitch a ride on a starship…….

  4. Randalf gets the five points. (didn’t know it was a laxitive…so….if you)

    RG, did you get your trophy????

    And, I gota give MR five minus points for his answer.

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