Do you like your Beatles sliced or diced?

Check out these jumbled-together Beatles tunes by “Sacred Cowboy”.

A friend turned me onto a radio program called “Do or DIY” which plays all sorts of twisted stuff.  The June 19th show featured “Norwogian Weed” (see link), probably the best of the 5.  Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Do you like your Beatles sliced or diced?”

  1. A bit more info for ya: To find the playlists for “Do or DIY” and other WFMU programs, visit WFMU’s Playlists & Archives site.  There is also a link for live internet streams, so even you Oklahomans can listen!

  2. I tried downloading all the songs “Yesterday and Today”…… Yesterday the download failed for some reason and Today I’m still downloading, so I’ll let you know how good they are tomorrow (Third Base!)……

  3. Pretty cool stuff….. I don’t think I personally would have the “stick-to-it” to spend the obviously huge amount of time it took “Sacred Cowboy” to cut and edit most of “The Beatles” catalog into 5 songs….. I agree with Jek that “Norwogian Weed” is the best of the lot….. I guess there is a place for everybody on this planet no matter what they aspire to do and the amount of time it takes them to do it…..

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