Speaking of Airlines…….

I have a question……. On the national news yesterday, they ran a story on the airline’s recovery from 911….. The three major airlines were showing profits from 150 million to 350 million this year, which is more than double their profits for the same period last year…… They accomplished this by cutting flights resulting in each individual flight flying at 90% capacity as opposed to less than 30% in the past…… They then went on to state that the airlines were losing money due to the increased fuel costs and may have to pass the costs on to the passengers….. Here’s my question: How can you be losing money when you are showing a 350 million dollar profit in a six-month period?….. To be losing money you have to have more expenditures in labor and material than you have income…… Profit is what you have AFTER all costs including salaries, taxes, materials, and labor are paid…… The news media made it sound like the airlines were just barely hanging on…… What a bunch of bull!…… The public is being screwed by overcrowded flights, cancelled flights, delays, Federal aid to the airlines, you name it, and now they want to pass on fuel costs to the public when they are showing profits like that?…… If they are having such a hard time, give the airlines to me….. I would be more than happy to be losing money by making 350 million dollars above and beyond my salary…… Only in America…… We need to wake up and smell the manure because we are being buried in it……

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