New Blog Look……

Thanks go out to Jek for the face-lift….. Check it out and us know your likes or gripes…. Just leave a comment on this Post…… It’s not entirely set-in-stone yet, so speak-up now or forever hold your blog……

13 Responses to “New Blog Look……”

  1. BTW, I like it and there’s more to come…….

  2. #2 by huskysooner

    I like it, especially the width, which follows Tufte’s rough guideline that a row of text should be no more than 2-3 alphabets long (presumably for a 10-12 point font on an 8.5″ width).


  3. #3 by Randalf the Grey

    The new look is pretty cool. I liked the header which featured the Very
    Large Array, too, but your map of MRambler Nation is probably more

  4. #4 by Randalf the Grey

    Obviously, I’ve got to stop using the entire width of the comment box.XXX

  5. #5 by huskysooner

    Haha RtG! Wordwrap will take care of your overly loooooong screeds.

  6. #6 by huskysooner

    I like the VLA, too. I almost did my undergrad in Socorro.

  7. Looks good all over……but…….I do miss the number of hits on a post.

  8. Anon, do you mean the comment numbers?  I need to look up how to get the numbers, as the theme I started with doesn’t have them (obviously).

  9. Anon said to Jek, “yes”. Otherwise we have to keep going back to see if there are any new comments.

  10. #10 by Randalf the Grey

    Wordwrap ! How logical. Hardly a day goes by that ol’ RtG doesn’t learn something new. Thanks, h-s.

  11. Anon, you do see the ‘X comments’ on the right side of the line underneath the Post title (don’t you?). If there are no comments, it sez ‘Leave a comment’. That shows you the number of comments and you can click it to go directly to the comments.

    The part I’m going to change has to do with numbering the comments themselves.

  12. To Jek from anon,

    Minus 10 points for me. I just noticed it today.

  13. OK, I’ve got the comment numbers in. (See me, I’m lucky #13.) I also increased the comment font size.

    So I’m done for now unless you guys throw something else at me. Of course, MR himself can do some tweaks too!

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