E-QUIZ 19: Dancing Mania

What is the name for the dancing mania which in 1800 appeared in Tennessee, Kentucky, and

Virginia? Those of you who have played in a band may be familiar with particular malady.

16 Responses to “E-QUIZ 19: Dancing Mania”

  1. The first thing that pops into my mind is the “Tennessee Waltz”….. So, my answer is the waltz….. 1-2-3, 1-2-3…….

  2. I’m thinking that the waltz was around long before that (Minuet Waltz) I’m goimg to say Square Dancing.

  3. No, no, no. Remember Strauss, his family, and their waltzes? Waltzes came in around the mid 1800s in Europe. Waltzes were scandalous then….the first dance where you held your partner.

    Not Square Dancing. And it wasn’t the Boogaloo either, or the Chicken. You’ve taken a wrong turn on this one. Not a dance. A condition. ( Last line should read “may be familiar with this particular malady”) Think Mania like in Manic. This may be a tough one. Forget the part about “those of you who were in a band”. It will throw you off, although you may have seen it.

  4. Is this a dance where the participants dance till they drop? The malady would be exhaustion and/or fainting and passing-out…..

  5. Very well could be but I wasnt there. It has a name.

  6. So you want details, eh?…. How about Dropsy?….. I think that was a medical term back then…..

  7. Not Dropsy but you’ve got the idea.

    I’m old enough to remember Dropsy. In fact I had it once and every now and then it comes back like Malaria. I drink a beer and then I drop. No cure as yet but thats OK.

  8. After some checking I found that this week’s quiz is really obscure. So, I’m doubling the points on this one.

  9. Well let’s see, you’re talking about people living in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virgina in the 1800’s?…. These people could only be Appalachian Mountain folk equipped with guitars, banjos, harmonicas, and washboards for musical instruments and a moonshine still in every yard…. The dancing would be some kind of folk music…. They probably invented the all-night party and the malady would be alcoholism or poisoning thereof and/or “the hangover”…. You wanted obscure and off-beat….

  10. Nope. Here’s a clue. Think ecstasy.

  11. Looks like I’m not going to get any help on this one, so here’s one more attempt…. They became so overjoyed they came down with “brain fever”….

  12. They were overjoyed and their “brain fever” had a name.

  13. I’m going with “Epilepsy”….. Maybe they had it or imagined they had it…..

  14. Nope.

  15. I’m getting a “migraine” from all this thinking….. Did they have the same thing?……

  16. AND THE ANSWER IS…..”COREA”. “The dancing mania which in 1800 appeared in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. The usual manifestations were laughing, shouting, dancing and convulsions. Latin, “CHOREA”.

    I tried some cross checking and didn’t find anything until I used the Latin spelling which took me to some medical descriptions(uncontrolled muscle stuff). Also found vague references to some religious rites which involve dancing.

    Points awarded for further research that will shed more light on this topic.

    This was a tough one I know. No one got it so, I’m awarding myself double points.

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