Is Everyone a Self-centered S.O.B. these days?…..

……or am I just the only person who runs into them?…… I sold a piece of property a few years back…… The person I sold it to was a friend of a co-worker……. Seemed like a nice hard working person with limited resources, so I sold him the property on a payment plan spanning over a three and one-half year period…… I didn’t charge him any interest…… I had to defer 6 monthly payments over the life of the contract because he was unable to pay on occasion……. I even dropped off the last $1,800.00 to help him out…… He now has the property up for sale…… My brother’s property adjoins this property and he wants to buy 1.4 acres from this person to allow a bigger buffer zone between him and whatever new owners might buy and sub-divide the property…. I thought, well, I’ll make the deal with him since I had helped him so much in acquiring the property (which he couldn’t have gotten otherwise) in the first place….. It ended up that my brother is going to have to pay him three times what he paid me for the property and I had to agree to do all the revised survey maps, the deed for the 1.4 acre purchase, the revised deed for the remaining property, and the deed for the secondary property (the land I sold him was on two separate deeds) when and if he manages to sell the rest of the property…… And he acts as if he is doing us a big favor…… Have we really turned into a “I, Me, Mine” society?….. I’m a lot put-out with Humanity right now…… I hope somebody “just shoots me” the next time I consider helping someone, because I now have the feeling that if the time comes around when/if I need help, all I’ll get is a “Boot to the Head”……. Auurgh!!…..

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  1. It’s been a day now and I’ve regained some of my insanity….. You have to be insane to be sane in this world…..

  2. Sounds like a “slicker” to me.

  3. No, not everyone is like that. And next time you have the opportunity to help someone, I hope you still do it, or else the self-centered SOBs win.

  4. I’ve found my dearest & oldest friendships are ones that didn’t have anything to do with business or business transactions. The surest way to lose a friend is to have a business transaction with him.

  5. Yep, business and friends don’t mix….. I think blonde’s are in there somewhere too, but, I’m a soft touch, so I’ll probably help the next person who asks for help even with my current limited resources….

  6. #6 by Randalf the Grey

    There is a flip side to every coin.

    My brother worked in sales at Dub Richardson Ford for a time, and one day my dad called him to say that he was sending a long-time friend over to buy a new pick-up. My brother told the sales manager about it, and recieved permission to sell the friend ( let’s call him Doofus ) the pick-up he wanted for $50. over Dub Richardson’s actual cost. When Doofus showed up on the lot, he handed my brother a slip of paper upon which he had written the price he was willing to pay for the truck. Doofus’ price was about $2,000. higher than the price at which he could have bought the truck, but when my brother tried to explain this to him, Doofus insisted that he wasn’t going to listen to any sales pitch, and that if his price wasn’t met, he would buy the truck somewhere else–he said, “Friendship is friendship, but business is business”. So when my brother took the offer to the sales manager, the manager said, “I thought we were going to give this guy a better deal.” Laid-Back replied, “Friendship is friendship, but business is business”.

  7. That’s pretty funny….. It proves that they are hard-headed S.O.B.’s out there also…. I hope your brother sold him the pick-up at the price he demanded….. Ha-Ha….. Thanks, RtG, that story makes me feel better……

  8. OK, let me get this straight, You sold your half of the pasture to, Lets just call him Bozo, Now after doing all the “Improvements” (HA HA HA HA) and putting all of those different trailers out there, now he decides that he doesn’t want it anymore? After you had to do all the work in the 1st sale (Paperwork, Moving cars Etc.) and to boot he wants to make a SUBSTANTIAL Profit off of the land? I have only thing to say “WHAT AN A**HOLE”. I never liked him from the beginning, He always treated me like, well you know. The couple of times that I actually got to see him, It seems that when I was trying to get my stuff back from him out of the Barn he was never available and when I finally got in touch with him it was all gone ( I know that is mostly my own fault), but his attitude about the whole situation was Crappy.
    To answer your question: Yes, I think that there are a lot more S.O.B.s these days than ever before, we are going through a problem with a neighbor right now over the animals that is fixing to get real nasty ( I’m Talking’ PETA and lawyers.) I am loosing faith in mankind and finding it hard to find the good in others. You know we have had business dealings in the past (Not on the scale of the land deal) but we are still friends so you can mix business with friendship but you have to do a lot of research first.

  9. Yeah, we’re having a grand ‘ol time installing about 1,200 ft. of new fence in this lovely triple digit Oklahoma temperature with almost triple digit humidity….. We’ve been starting around 6:30 am and work till about 9:00 to 10:00 am and call it a day…. When it’s already in the lower ’80’s at 6:00 am, two or three hours driving in posts in an open field is no picnic, especially when you’re out of shape, but, it’s slowly but surely becoming history, and it’s giving me plenty of time to compose the new legal property descriptions and write-up the new deeds during the “Real Heat” of the day….. Fun, fun, fun…..

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