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U.S. Weather Forecasts Suck!…..

I saw an interesting editorial on the news the other day….  It was about how the U.S. was way behind the rest of the World in Weather Forecasting…..  It said that during the ’80’s and ’90’s, the U.S. failed to upgrade/update the necessary hardware/software needed to predict accurate long range predictions, in other words, we […]

Sitting and Waiting……

We’re under a Blizzard Warning from now until 8 am Tuesday (tomorrow) Morning, BUT, I’m not worried about the Blizzard, and, I’m not sitting and waiting for the snow and 35 to 50 mph winds that accompany a Blizzard – I’m just sitting and waiting for the ELECTRICITY to go off just when I desperately […]

If It’s Not One Thing…..

It’s Another…..  We finally got all the big fires out in Oklahoma….  We sent them to the West, including Washington state….  Sorry ‘Bout that!…..  I would say you Northwesters’ should move to Oklahoma where all the ground is already burnt, but, we have a much deadlier enemy now – West Nile Virus.….  The worst outbreak […]

Oklahoma’s Burning!…..

Not only do we have to deal with Tornadoes, Wind Storms, Hail Storms, Ice Storms, and Blizzards, in the past two years we have added Fire Storms!…..  We haven’t been under 100 degrees since July 17th…..  This past week we had two days at 111, Two days at 112, and set the all time hottest […]

I Wonder?……

….How many of those millions of people on the East coast that have been without electricity for a week might now agree with my outlook that ALL electric lines should be buried?…..  Hu-m-m-m, just a thought……  I also wonder, although I know the answer, how many politicians in Washington D.C. went without power for more […]

They’re Back!…..

I thought maybe, just maybe, that Tornadoes and Heavy-Duty Thunderstorms would leave Oklahoma alone this year since they have been battering States and localities that very rarely get such things – BUT NO! – Yesterday we had Tornadoes in Western Oklahoma heading for “You-Know-Where” (MR HQ)……  Luckily, they turned South and didn’t get us……  Along […]

Happy Valentine’s Day…..

…as long as you’re NOT in Oklahoma right now…. It’s 28 degrees and we have freezing fog…. There’s vehicles everywhere – in the ditches, upside down, downside up – They’re all over the roads too, but not moving….. Oh, Yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day….. The funny thing – if you want to call it funny– is that […]

Big Thanks, PD Bob!……

…..Another six weeks of Winter, Although, in the condition PD Bob was after all his partying and carrying on, I really doubt if he saw his shadow or not…..  Still, He had to get his due :

Only in the Great Northwest……

Here’s another snapshot that Anon sent me….. It was originally titled, “So much for that Global Warming/Endangered Species claptrap!!!!”, but, I know the inside story…. Whitey the  Polar Bear is merely being a good citizen and is offering the pedestrian on the passenger’s side of Whitey’s Ford pick-up a ride (Yes, Polar Bear’s can get Driver’s […]

Jimi “Snowman” Hendrix…..

Anon sent me this pic of Jimi Hendrix’s statue that’s located in downtown Seattle…..  Some ingenious pranksters turned Jimi into a snowman……  The other pic is one I took years ago without the snowman disguise…… Bottom Line: Don’t become a ground level statue if you can’t stand the attention….. ——————————————————————————————–

“Fire and Rain”…

Just finished listening to “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor……  My mind wandered a bit and I started comparing the song’s title to our weather this Summer in Oklahoma……  The “Fire” part we have exceeded on all levels – Temp wise we tied the all-time record of days over 100 (50 Days) Saturday, and since we still […]

So It’s too Hot Huh?

Well we could have the alternative. Remember this?

It’s Too Hot To Think!…..

…What was I going to say?…. Oh, yeah, If you live anywhere around MR HQ and want to venture outside, you’d be well advised to do it in the night time…. If you do it in the Day time, you might suffer from Spontaneous Combustion (P-u-u-f-f!)…. It was 110 degrees in the shade yesterday (another […]

It’s Already July?…..

I can’t believe it’s already 4th of July weekend!….. Half the year – GONE – Ph-u-u-t! – Just like that!….. Oh, Well, It may not be much of a 4th around here anyway, as we have a Burn Ban in effect in Oklahoma County due to extreme drought conditions, above 100 degree temps across the […]

Tornadoes anyone?…….

Yeah, I know, here I go picking on the Weather again….. If it would just stop picking on me, I’d leave it alone and go on to more important things, but, when you’re subjected to 3 hours of sheer terror caused by constant Tornado Sirens and the Weather Forecasters (I use the term Too-Loosely) drawing […]