It’s Already July?…..

I can’t believe it’s already 4th of July weekend!….. Half the year – GONE Ph-u-u-t!Just like that!….. Oh, Well, It may not be much of a 4th around here anyway, as we have a Burn Ban in effect in Oklahoma County due to extreme drought conditions, above 100 degree temps across the board for the entire weekend, along with high winds, etc., etc…. I’m probably going to hide under the A/C inside mostly and hope that no one outside causes a Fire Drill in my immediate future…..

Also, according to the National News, we have Terrorism to worry about….. I heard that a man was arrested in Seattle who was planning an attack on a military training facility over the 4th…. So-o-o, we have to also add that to the normal worries of having explosive devices in the hands of many Morons for this particular Holiday….

Maybe it’s just me, but, the 4th of July just isn’t what it used to be…… Happy “Independence Day”……

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  1. July 2nd 10:50 PM there is a burn ban that includes barbeques except gas fired for all of central OK and most of the state. There was some talk about lifting the restrictions on the barbecues for the weekend. I don’t know if they did or not. Right now I can hear at least 3 different groups popping fireworks in Spencer they are legal with in city limits here. Local government is as messed up as federal government. Can’t barbecue but go ahead and pop your fireworks.

  2. Yep, they were from all over the place around MR HQ, mostly from business parking lots close to here….. The largest and longest seemed to be coming from a huge Church parking lot near here…… Apparently, fireworks were OK with the local authorities, as the Church is almost directly across from the Cop Shop…… Luckily, the wind was low, and there were no ensuing fires, but, still have two nights left for fireworks, and, tonight is usually the biggest of them all….. Other than that, it’s been a boring, hot 4th of July…… Thought about firing off a few indoor fireworks, but, I don’t think I would like the results (PD Bob was all for it)….. Just have to see what the actual 4th (tomorrow) brings…..

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