After I made the “Wind of Change” Post on 28AUG13 (scroll down a few Posts and you’ll find it), a friend suggested putting it to music in the form of “Imagine” by John Lennon…..  I started it and kind of got sidetracked, but, with what the worthless Yo-Yo’s are doing now – as in shutting down the Government, maybe I should finish it and put it up on the internet……  Here’s the first four lines I wrote, and, boy, are they appropriate!…..

“Imagine there’s a Congress,
Not like the one we have….

One who really does things,
Not just sit on their ass….”

Should I go ahead and finish it with the info from the “Wind of Change” post?…. If they do shut everything down I think that is a big YES….. “What a way to run a railroad” (Quote by Daffy Duck)

2 Responses to “Congress?……”

  1. Yes by all means finish it. Remember what I said about any substantial songs anymore.

  2. You’re damn right I’m going to finish it!….. Of course, if this shut-down continues, I might not have a roof over my head or food on the table….. Yeah, I admit I got myself in this position of relying on the Government by not watching my finances and working for company’s that didn’t know the meaning of a retirement plan….. Oh, well, that’s where I am….. I just want to know what happened to our system of Checks and Balances?….. We have three (3) branches of Government – Executive – Judicial – Legislative…. They are supposed to keep each other in line….. Apparently the Legislative (Congress) owns it’s watcher (Judicial – i.e.: the Courts)…. So-o-o, it’s two to one against the Executive (the President), who’s only job is to enforce the laws made by the Legislative branch….. What the hell does Congress care anyway?….. They’ve made sure they have their Asses and Assets well protected….. They’ve been passing laws to protect themselves for years, nicely hidden in other legislation….. I’ll make a bet with anyone, that when the dust settles and this shut-down comes to an end (one way or the other), that if you look close enough at what laws get passed because of it, you’ll find one or more laws neatly hidden in all the double talk that enforces and benefits the so-called lawmakers of our country….. As I said before, We are in DEEP DO-DO!….. WAKE-UP and realize We’re Screwed!…… All of these lowlife, worthless, I, Me, Mine Assholes need to be kicked out of office, but, I don’t think there is any way that the American Public can do that now, it’s gone too far….. They have themselves too well protected….. THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW and, as far as I can see, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it!…… Welcome to the Abyss!……

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