Friday, November 22, 1963 -er- 2013…..

It’s almost 50 years now since our Government went down the tubes (My Opinion)……  Where were you (if you were alive then)?……  It’s ironic that the 50 year mark of Kennedy’s Assassination hits on the exact same day of the week…..  My irony in the whole matter was that I was a junior in High School…..  At 1:00 pm, I walked into my “American History” class, if you can believe that…..  The first indication that something big was going on was that there was a TV set in the classroom – we never had one in there before……  Walter Cronkite was passing on the happenings in Dallas minute by minute……  So that’s where I was……  I know there’s some of us old enough in the MR Community to have been around then – What do you remember, if you’d like to share?……

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  1. 50 years and still (officialy) no closer to the truth. The only thing we can all agree on is that we all disagree. There are almost as many theories as leaves on that tree that Oswald did not shoot thru. Also pretty crappy The city of Dallas decides to repave Elm St. the Monday before, removing the Xs from the pavement right before the commeration ceremonies……hmmmmm.

  2. Yep, the gag order, or whatever you want to call it, remains in effect for another 25 years, just to make sure that anyone that had anything to do with it will be dead and gone, and can’t be held accountable or prosecuted…..
    Our laws have so many loopholes, we should call it “Loopland” instead of “America”……. The “Cover-up” has exceeded Mt. Everest in height by now…..

  3. I know it’s a little late but you all know how my mobile computing set up is.
    I have not let too many know about this but here goes.
    My interest in the Kennedy Assassination and the events of 22 Nov. 1963 comes from 1. a deep interest in history and how it effected our Government as it is now. And 2. From a Personal standing. I am Distantly Related to one of the Victims of that Tragic Weekend.
    To make this short, My Great Grandfather on my mothers side, His last name was Tippit, He was a distant cousin of the Police Officer that was allegedly shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald after the Assassination Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit.
    Now I have some doubts weather or not Oswald actually was the killer of Tippit, I have heard that the bullets recovered from his body did not match the gun that was allegedly found on Oswald at the time of his arrest, and some eyewitnesses failed to identify him as the shooter but The facts and what investigation that was done are few and far between. There never was a proper investigation done in his murder, Today the shooting team would have worked the scene for at least 48 hours and interviewed everyone within a 5 mile radius of the scene, but when this happened they had wrapped up the scene in about 2 hours from the shooting till the scene was cleared and no trace of it was left. But as students of the days events know Facts about this event are shrouded in mystery and cloaked in secrecy. His murder was almost forgotten in the whole of that Friday and was only reported locally in Dallas and only once by the National Media during the coverage (I have the entire NBC Broadcast from 1245pm until later that night). So The events of that Tragic weekend have personal meanings for me and my family although it’s not something we talk about at every reunion, it was discussed some in my youth.
    That all being said. From the facts that I have been able to gather and I believe Lee Harvey Oswald Did not Shoot or Kill any person during that weekend, as he said he was a “Patsy” and he was also a victim of circumstance and ultimately Murder.

  4. I hear ya, Mr J., and totally agree, but, I’m afraid, in the end, when the truth comes out 25 years from now, there will be few, if anyone, that gives a shit (Sorry ’bout the blunt lango)…. It’ll be nothing but ancient history, and if there is even a United States, No one will care about the JFK assassination…. It will be some small chapter/paragraph/footnote in an American History book…… It’s sad, but, Oh, so true……

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