MRambler’s Archives #3

When we started Wolfbrand Band, we decided to make a “Demo” tape that we could give to prospective employers (i.e. Club Owners, Organizations, etc.)…. We recorded Five (5) songs in November of 1973….. Now, we had no funds to go into an actual recording studio, nor did we have a mixer or any of the fancy stuff you would find in a recording studio….. All we had was Roger’s Panasonic Reel-to-reel and my newly assembled HeathKit cassette deck…. We recorded the basic rhythm tracks in a huge house in N.W. OKC (Tom’s house, I think) on the R-to-R…. There was a full size grand Piano in the living room (I guess you would call it that – there were so many rooms)…. We set-up in two separate roomsDrums, Bass, and Piano in one, and Guitars and Harp in the other to get as much stereo separation as we could….

We then returned to Roger’s small above a garage Apartment to do the Vocals and Instrument overdubs….. Since we didn’t have a mixer, the overdubs were added and mixed in real time back and forth between the two recorders…. I’m amazed that they turned out as good in quality as they did…. Tell me what you think….

Here’s two of them… There’s about Ten Seconds or so of silence at the beginning of each of them – Just keep listening, the songs are there…. The first one is another Neil Young song, “Are You Ready for the Country” and the second one is a Jethro Tull song off their first album, which was all Blues…. “Someday the Sun won’t shine for You“…. Give ’em a listen….. For more info on WBB check out the Archives #1 Post….

4 Responses to “MRambler’s Archives #3”

  1. I like ’em 🙂

  2. Good. The blues could have been kicked up a bit.

  3. I don’t think I have those in my collection. Thanks for putting them up. That is one of my favorite NY songs. as for the Tull, It has everything a good blues song needs, Harp, standout drums, hurti’n vocals. Great cuts keep ’em comin’.

  4. Thanks again for the compliments….. Anon, we were doing the Tull song as a “Cover” song – it was a slow Blues – it also helped fill-in with those slow dance songs that you HAD to play at clubs in those days…. We were playing at bars and were expected to give them some “Rubbin’ and Lovin” s-l-o-w time….

    I thought I would throw in one more song from that “Demo” tape for our Truck Drivin’ J.J….. A fast country song called, “Truck Driving Man“…. Enjoy Mr. J…..

    Don’t worry – next time will be all Rock songs…..

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