Six Days on the Road……

Just talked to J.J., the “Road Master”, and he said he was almost back in OKC…. Thought I would give him a song to listen to next time he hits the Interstates…. It’s another “Wolfbrand Band” track from the 30MAY74 gig (for more info on WB, check the Archives #1 Post)…. Here’s “Wolfbrand Band’s” version of Six Days on the Road….. Enjoy….

3 Responses to “Six Days on the Road……”

  1. COOL!!! Of course I’m biased, In my opinion there is not a bad Wolfbrand/ Terraplane Cut. Keep em coming MR.

  2. What was that sound of one hand clapping? Last person to leave?

  3. No, Anon, that was the first person there clapping….. It was a party for a youth group and they wanted us to start exactly on time….. We started with “Six Days on the Road”…… 29 songs later, which was a 10 minute and 32 second version of “Southern Man”, the audience was as loud as we were, if not louder….. I have the recordings to prove it….. Got to go pack for my trip now, Anon, you, J.J., Robo, HuskySooner, and any other Community Members keep things going while I am gone….. Don’t be surprised if I don’t make a Post or comment while I’m away….. I’ll just have to find a computer to borrow…..

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