When you don’t have a bone to pick….


Was gonna surprise MR with one of these for a birthday or something, but other musically-inclined folks might find these kinda nifty.

(Warning: This site has some great little geeky items, usually a bit useless or overpriced.)


Item 1: the Do-It-Yourself Guitar Pick Maker for $24.99.




Item 2: Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks currently on sale, $2.99/6.



Pretty clever!

(Actually, considering most musicians I’ve met, punching their VISA card into picks is probably doing them a big favor… and I can’t think of a better end for a Yoko Ono album.)

A bit less utilitarian is a functional electronic guitar shirt, but the wearable mini-amp goes to 11!




2 Responses to “When you don’t have a bone to pick….”

  1. Ha! The Fender Champ amp I got today goes to 12. I incorrectly assumed it would be older than my other amps that only go to 10.
    Go figure.

  2. Ha!… Hignose…… You made the mistake of putting it in writing!….. My Birthday is in October….. I’ll be paying you a visit – Ah, say on that day – Expect to collect…… Hopefully I won’t have to “PICK” on you…… Actually, just kidding, it is a cool item, though – I wonder if it really would produce a usable pick?……

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