We’ve Lost Another One…..

Yesterday, June 27, Bobby Womack died at the age of 70…..  I know a lot of you probably don’t know who he was, but, if you know anything at all about R & B and R & R, you should……  With his wife Shirley (at the time), he wrote one of my all-time favorite Stone’s cover songs – “It’s All Over Now” – and, unfortunately,  for Bobby WomackIt Is.…..  Sorry if that sounds cold, but, we’ve been losing great musicians and artists from the greatest period of original music ever produced – ’50’s thru ’70’s – at such a startling rate that you just start accepting it and “Keep on Truckin’ “ ’cause if you think of it too much, you’ll crash and burn…..  Yeah, there’s still good music being made these days, but, NOT in the quantity and quality of that golden period…..  And, yeah, I’m prejudiced, of course, because I grew up right in the middle of all this and I still enjoy playing and recording…..

3 Responses to “We’ve Lost Another One…..”

  1. You never even gave rap a chance, did you? =P

  2. On our as of yet to be released CD, I slipped some hip hop samples in on a couple of tracks. Haha

  3. The Founding Fathers of Rock and Roll are passing away faster than new artists are coming along that can adequately fill their shoes.

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