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Didn’t he play the banjo or something?

Sadly, we lost B. B. King on Thursday night. Died in his sleep, age 89, taking a huge chunk of musical talent to the other side. Bet there is a epic jam session in heaven about now. Learned a lot of random facts about him from obits, I had no idea he was a certified […]

Validation for comedy, or degradation of science?

Saw this the other day, and it made me feel a little guilty that someone confined to a chair appears to get more done than I do. Great validation for classic humor, and a fusion of true geniuses in totally unrelated fields.  

Dropping like flies…

Percy Sledge left us Tuesday, at 74 due to liver cancer.  Left behind a dozen kids, so he must’ve had a busy life. At this point I think we just need a general obit post, it’s getting hard to keep up. (At last look, Abe Vigoda’s still hanging in there….)  


Stumbled across this and have no idea what establishment it’s at, but well done, sirs! And on a related note, after years of speculation, the truth comes out….  

Well it’s about time……

Looks like Tokyo just got a great theme hotel. What’s better than an overnight stay in Tokyo and seeing this from the window?     Fittingly built at the old Toho Shinjuku Theater Building, they stuck a life-sized head 17 stories up, and the hotel sports a few View Rooms for about $125/night, and a […]

Lost another one….

Bob Burns, original drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd wrecked his car Friday night in Georgia, hit a mailbox and a tree and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Gone at 64. He left after the group’s first 2 albums, but rejoined the survivors on stage for the 2006 Hall of Fame induction. Hopefully it wasn’t another “oak tree […]

Tia Space Program

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Tai Space Program yQZ4iNjY?rel=O

Those Seagulls

What can I say about the Seagulls that hasn’t already been said. Now it’s on to beat those egg sucking Communists. I hope unbelievers saw last weeks game. What, did someone say something?

RIP (Again) More Great Musicians Too Young

Well we have lost 2 more great musicians Last week longtime bass player for Neil Young Tim Drummond passed. Before joining Neil during the Harvest sessions Tim had played with such greats as James Brown and Conway Twitty. He was 72. Then this weekend we learned of the passing of original CSN&Y drummer Dallas Taylor. […]

Let me be the first to say…….Merry Christmas to everyone. viagra online no prescription Hope you have all been good this year.

Joe Cocker

It is with Heartfelt sadness that we have just learned of the passing of Music Legend Joe Cocker. Rest In Peace.

Book Reoprt Neil Young Special Deluxe

I just finished ( for the 2nd time) Listening to Neil read his newest chapter in his foray into being a author. Many of you know (and some agree) that Neil Young has never done anything that I did not like, and this book is no exception. As he starts off he prefaces that this […]

Book Report (M.Rambler Version)

Read This Book

I’ll Be Back (SOON)!……

Actually I’ve been on the Blog everyday fighting SPAMMERS…….  We are up to 200 new user registrations, if you can believe that!……  We have 23 total officially registered users…..  Everyday there is at least 2 to 4 Spammers trying to get on the blog, so, I get on everyday and delete their registrations……  It’s keeping […]