Those Seagulls

What can I say about the Seagulls that hasn’t already been said. Now it’s on to beat those egg sucking Communists. I hope unbelievers saw last weeks game. What, did someone say something?

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  1. Anon, I made the statement to a friend of mine at the beginning of the season that the ‘Hawker’s would come through and take the “Super Bowel” (Ha!) again….. I even placed a small wager on it….. Not bragging, but, I’m exceptional at picking winners – The problem is if I actually place a bet on any of my predictions – They don’t come through – Explain that!…… My prediction is the Hawks by exactly 2 TD’s….. That is my prediction – Now, if the score ends up with the Seagulls winning by more than 2 TD’s, I still get paid…… Of course, I’ve got a $10 spot riding on it, so it probably won’t happen, but, I thought I would give it a chance anyway…..

  2. Football Factoid: The two most hated teams are the Seahawks and the Patriots with the Dallas Cowboys getting a honorable mention.

    Seattle does get a little carried away.

  3. Can’t stand Belechik, never liked the Cowboys (except when Switzer coached them). I didn’t think the Seahawks were that hated. Don’t care much for Pete Carroll, but have always liked the team.
    BTW, I also picked them to repeat this year. Last year I predicted both the Seahawks & the Bronchos. 3 out of 4 ain’t bad.
    Go Hawks.

  4. It’s getting closer by the minute….. You know, now that I think of it, I haven’t watched a complete game of Football this entire season….. Weird that I would even be wasting time writing about the Game of Games – The Super Bowl…… Since I also don’t have cable, it was kinda hard to watch any of the OU games without traveling quite a few miles in one direction or the other…. I live in the NE part of the OKC area, and all of my friends either live in the NW or SW parts of the Metro – Like a 35 mile round trip minimum….. BUT, for the Super Bowl, Blu’s coming over (and, of course, anyone else who wants to) to watch the game on my 42″ HDTV with 5.1 Sound System….. Should be fun, no matter which way the game goes!….. Heck, come on down, Anon – As Billy Shears said, “A Good Time Is Guaranteed For All”, and you don’t have to be Sgt. Pepper!….. Just don’t forget to bring some snacks…. We’re not Kings down here you know (If we were, we would be living up there in the Great Northwest with you Kings and Sea Gulls (Ha!))…..

  5. 42 inches? Really? I was bragging about a12 inch screen.

  6. Even after living 5 years in Seattle, I still don’t like the Seahawks (love the Mariners, though). Blah. I really hate Dallas.

  7. Oh the agony of de feet.

    What were they thinking??????

  8. The only thing I want to know is how much (in U.S. Currency) did the coach get paid for calling the most stupid play of all time!…… Two downs left, around a minute on the clock, and the idiot has the team screw around with the play to run down the clock to prevent any kind of chance for the other team to come back, and then has them try to PASS it!!!!!!….. I’m sorry, either he completely lost his sanity (should lose his job) or he was PAID OFF….. I was never that interested in Football to begin with, but, that settles it – NEVER AGAIN WILL I WATCH ANY SPORTS GAME…… As a foot note, New England shouldn’t have even been in the game – They were proven CHEATERS…… I now leave sports to the idiots who like to give their money away to bookies and other gambling idiots!!!! Have fun!

  9. Good grief, MR. Although I don’t think it was the right call, I see why Carroll made it — it was a very high percentage pass play, and if it didn’t work they still had another chance to punch it in. I’ve had enough of Carroll crushing OU when he coached USC, so I won’t pretend I’m sorry for the outcome.

  10. Sorry – I just don’t see your perspective….. You have about a yard to go – A ground runner with NO negative yardage in THIS Game – 2 or 3 downs to make this ONE YARD, and Passing that close to the End Zone is a last ditch, super high risk option at best…… WRONG CALL!…. I wonder how this guy plays Chess?….. Oh, Well, NO MORE outta me about Sports – I thought Politics were stupid and hard to understand…….

  11. #11 by huskysooner

    I was just presenting his argument, not saying I agreed with it.

  12. I knew that, HS…… That’s why we have Blog up in the first place – So, us misfits can express any and all thoughts that pass though our limited human brains….. Might not be much, but, we seem to entertain ourselves on occasion!…… (NOTE: The term “Any and All”, of course, has the usual Rudeness and Crudeness restrictions attached to it.)

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