I’ll Be Back (SOON)!……

Actually I’ve been on the Blog everyday fighting SPAMMERS…….  We are up to 200 new user registrations, if you can believe that!……  We have 23 total officially registered users…..  Everyday there is at least 2 to 4 Spammers trying to get on the blog, so, I get on everyday and delete their registrations……  It’s keeping the Blog to those we WANT on it.…..  If any of you have any friends that you think would fit in to our brand of oddness, please let me know, so that I don’t delete them by mistake…..

I’ve been occupied with the usual excuses for not Posting or Commenting, but, I’m hoping this new update will cut down on the Spammers, but, maybe, just maybe, they’ll get the message if I delete them enough….

I WILL, and I promise (for what that’s worth (Ha!)) to start Posting again because I enjoy the Blog and the MR members that we have……  Definitely , Please, Please feel free to take up the slack and Post, Post, Post…..  Thank you and have a great Holiday Season….. 

2 Responses to “I’ll Be Back (SOON)!……”

  1. And I am now officially on Vacation until the 27th. So Hopefully I will think of something to bug everyone with.

  2. Cool, Mr. J…… I guess the spammers read my Post also – I had only one, yes one, new registration in the past two days which brings the total to 201…… Still waiting on Jek-o to backup the Blog so I can do the latest update which, I think, has some security and anti-spam upgrades in it….. We can only hope!……

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