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Winter has now come and gone…..

Not being a smart ass – but, I was just informed that Johnny Winter just passed away…..  I know no other details, and have to make an appointment that I can’t get out of……  If any of the Community knows anything else to add – DO IT!…..  THE BLUES JUST RAINED LIKE HAIL! (MR)……

Who says electronic music can’t be cool?

Sorry for the deluge of links, but I found this on my web wanderings and thought it was just amazing. What if Nikola Tesla formed a rock band, you ask? Well, a lot of geeks have been fiddling around to give us the answer. Tesla coils usually function above the audible range, but someone discovered […]

Oddity from the web….

It’s crazy how much survives from ’60s sci-fi. Found a reference the other day to an auction from a couple years ago. Details are sketchy, but I think this went for about $28,000. Looking a bit worse for wear, Balok is still around….   Reminds me of the discovery and restoration of the prop from […]

Hignose movie reviews #3

Doing a two-fer of the weirder side of music fandom this time. One is a favorite cult film of mine, the other is more of an indie  “What the hell did I just watch?”   1. Bubba Ho-Tep Finally, the true story of Elvis’ last days comes out! This movie not only has Bruce Campbell, […]

When you don’t have a bone to pick….

  Was gonna surprise MR with one of these for a birthday or something, but other musically-inclined folks might find these kinda nifty. (Warning: This site has some great little geeky items, usually a bit useless or overpriced.)   Item 1: the Do-It-Yourself Guitar Pick Maker for $24.99.   Item 2: Recycled Vinyl Record […]

Hignose movie review #2

Got bored, so dug through my stash and reacquainted myself with a fascinating documentary about a man that fought the Cold War single-handedly in a world of black and white: This 2011 HBO documentary is very well done, and covers everything from his early childhood to the aftermath of his death. Bobby Fischer was an […]

It’s a shame that time ravages our heroes….

For those of you that missed it last year, this rematch was a tad less exciting than the original:   Still had me rolling. =)  

Hignose movie review #1

As a couple of you know, after a long stretch of working very weird hours I have developed a fairly solitary lifestyle and have developed an interest in movies that somewhat got out of hand. The damning evidence:   Kinda wish I’d gone the Netflix route, but then I wouldn’t physically *own* anything. So anyway, […]

I’d just like to say…. “get a life”….

Ran across a pretty nifty resource for you Trekkies, called “Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast”. Started in mid-2012, it has a ton of production photos,  story outlines, memos, and trivia notes for most episodes in their “discovered documents” section. They also have a couple of interesting podcasters that spend about an hour each […]


Here’s 4 more in the 4th installment of SNIGLETS…..  Enjoy….. AEROMA  (ayr oh’ ma)  n.  The odor emanating from an exercise room after an aerobics workout….. ALPONIUM  (al po’ nee um)  n.  (chemical symbol: Ap)  Initial blast of odor upon opening a can of dog food…… MOTSPUR  (mot’ sper)  n.  The pesky fourth wheel on […]

“Whazzit?” #2 by MR…..

Here’s another one of those sketches to ponder over…..  What do you think it is?……  I’m not sure I know what it is (Ha!)……


Here’s Installment No. 3 of SNIGLETS…..  Enjoy!….. AEROPALMICS  (ayr o palm’ iks)  n.  The study of wind resistance conducted by holding a cupped hand out the car window…. PHONESIA  (fo nee’ zhuh)  n.  The affliction of dialing a phone number and forgetting whom you were calling just as they answer….  (MR Note:  I’ve done that!) […]


Here’s the 2nd installment of SNIGLETS…..  Enjoy!…… ACCORDIONATED  (ah kor’  de on ay tid)  adj.  Being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time….. CLUMFERT  (klum’ furt)  n.  The invisible extra step at the top and bottom of a staircase.  Usually materializes when one is carrying a large bag of groceries…… […]

…A Picture’s Worth…..

a Thousand words…..  Isn’t that the old saying…..  Well, since no one is Posting but me, I’m going to torture you visually now!…..  Let’s see – We now have SINGLETS on Thursdays, and, now MRambler Art on Mondays……  I’m slowly taking over the whole week…..  Better “THINK” about it and jump in before I take […]


A  SNIGLET (snig’ lit) is any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should……  I was going through my tons of stuff and found the book “Sniglets” written by Rich Hall, who used to be on the HBO series, “NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS”…..  I thought, since no one else is Posting (Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge), […]