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Making technology accessible to old people…

Here’s a fun little doo-dad for our old-timers that are confounded by the internets and miss their favorite BBS:   Dial-Up Google   It’s a fully-functional Google search page, ’80s style! Throw away your mouse, turn on Mtv, and start griping about what they’ve screwed up with the new-fangled 2400 baud!  

I’d just like to say…. “get a life”….

Ran across a pretty nifty resource for you Trekkies, called “Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast”. Started in mid-2012, it has a ton of production photos,  story outlines, memos, and trivia notes for most episodes in their “discovered documents” section. They also have a couple of interesting podcasters that spend about an hour each […]