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Where ya gonna go?

A good internet in-joke, for those that have never noticed: if you check the rating system on the Internet Movie Database (, the entry for Spinal Tap goes to 11! (Unfortunately, it is *not* the highest-rated movie on the site.)    

25 years ago today…

I’m not too big on China, but 25 years ago today I saw something that helps restore faith in the common man. The stones this action took were impressive in the extreme: May we all have half the won-tons this dude’s packin’  if we have to rein in the excesses of those who would abuse […]

OK, it’s sad that I know this….

But thought I’d wish one of MR’s old girlfriends a happy birthday! (I’m pretty sure even he had forgotten this, until I brought it up……) Born 6-4-71, if I’m not mistaken. Hope the old gal’s holding up better than I am, wherever she is!