November 22, 1963…..

…. at 12:30 p.m., CST, 48 years ago today, The Industrial/Military Complex took over this Country with the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy…. The Military got the War they wanted, and the Industry Barons got the Power they wanted…. It has been downhill ever since for our Used-to-Be Great Nation right to the Irreversible Mess that we find ourselves in today….

I could go into the reasons and details of why I believe this to be true, but, most will just respond that I’m just one of those “Conspiracy Nuts” and wouldn’t listen anyway…. The problem is that all of the really revealing evidence was locked away by court order for 75 years, but there is enough out there for anyone who would care to know the “Truth” to fit the pieces of the puzzle together…. By the time the “Real Truth” becomes Public, no one will care and anyone directly involved will be long dead….

I’m not Posting this to start a big debate….. You will believe what you want to believe…. I just think it would be appropriate to remove your hat at 12:30 p.m today and spend a few minutes thinking about what might have been if JFK would have lived, and why Robert F. Kennedy, who would have almost assuredly been elected President in 1968, was also assassinated…..

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  1. You beat me to it today. As I allways have said on this day in 1963 a “SECRET ELECTION” was held in Dallas, and we all know the outcome.

  2. You’re so right, Mr. J. – In 1963, it started – In 1968, they sealed it – Today, we’re still paying the price of it, BUT, I’m afraid it’s about to END, and I don’t think the END RESULTS will be very user friendly to most of us in this Country…… Hope I’m Wrong!…..

  3. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Or any evidence. Or at least a self-consistent, non-crackpot theory.

    So was it the mob? Or the military-industrial complex ™? Or the Cubans? Or the Soviets? Or the ex-pat Cubans? Or White Supremacists? Or LBJ? Or the Republicans? Or the League of Ruthless Protestants? How about a probabilistic ranking of the different scenarios?

  4. HS: Good to hear from you again. We have about given up on everyone.
    You bring up many groups who had something to gain from the change of administration.
    The white Supremacists were not much of a origination in 1963. The Republicans as a party I do not believe would go to such extremes although The Nixon fringe who included many ex special ops, black ops members could conceivably have the wherewithal to pull it off, and I believe that members of the Nixon administration were involved.
    Lets examine the others,
    Organized Crime “The Mob” After the overthrow of Batista in Cuba, they lost considerable monies and any power they had in Havana. After The Bay of Pigs Debauchle they as well as the ex-Pat Cubans Blame JFK for not providing the CIA forces with support, which caused the failure of the operation. The back story is that JFK had never offered the CIA military support, he proposed the operation to Allan Dulles in 1961 as a abstract idea but Never sanctioned the operation. Dulles took the idea and created an operation out of it.
    The Soviets. I do not believe the Supreme Soviet would give the KGB permission to undertake a JFK Assassination operation In the USA. Although they did such operations in other countries, the Soviets realized that the best hope for stabilization was with JFK in the White House, They knew that LBJ was quicker to “Pull The Trigger” and was less open to Negotiation than JFK.
    Which brings us to the Military-Industrial Complex. Now if you mean the actual Military (JCS to the grunts) They had nothing to gain by Kennedy’s death, The Military was aware that JFK was all set in his 2nd term to pull all advisers out of SE Asia and end military operations in Vietnam. But those corporations, and the Fat Cats that ran them knew that with a escalation of forces in Vietnam the Contracts would be lucrative and plentiful. If not for our involvement in SE Asia to the extent that it became, Companies like Colt Firearms, Hughes Aircraft, Dow and DuPont Chemical not to mention numerous other government contractors would have had to downsize because of Kennedy’s plans to downsize the armed forces.
    I urge you to browse the Kennedy Library Archives which have been recently fully digitized and put online.
    As for my own theory I am of the opinion that it was a “Perfect Storm Of many of the groups that you mentioned that came together and affected the assassination. for reasons of each of their own.
    Now MR could add more to this discussion but I do not know what he is allowed to say concerning what he might or might not know about the military of the 1960’s.

  5. I realize that I misstated the Military role. The Military complex meaning the Joint chiefs of staffs, and career officers would have been affected by the “Draw down” of the military. Not to mention that the balance of power would certainly be more in their favor without JFK.

  6. The more and more groups involved in plotting or influencing such a thing, the greater the chances are of having the story get out. People like to blab. There’s no reason any of our scenarios are any more plausible than Don DeLilo’s novel “Libra” (which is really good, BTW).

    And as to the whole “Camelot” thing… barfola.

  7. ” Camelot” Couldn’t agree more. It Cheapens the bigger JFK Picture. Now as for the amount, One has to remember this was a different time, (Now I’m not saying that human nature has changed that much) But, People back then could keep secrets better back then. Even if you reduce the number of people to just 1 from each group what’s that 5, 6 at best. Also there have been many persons connected with the case that have “committed suicide” with a shotgun to the back of the head.
    I will check out the referenced novel.
    On a personal side note, My fascination the case does not come from mere curiosity. I have a personal connection to the events of 11.22.63 The Dallas Police Officer that was killed immediately after the assassination “Allegedly” (since he was never tried for the crime)by Oswald, J.D Tippit was my mothers 1st cousin.

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