That Time Already?…..

How did it get to be Christmas time again this quick?……  Seems like I just finished shopping, making, buying, wrapping, and, sending off all of 2009’s Christmas stuff…..  Ar-r-r-gh!…..  Oh, well, time to slap on the “Happy Face” and do it all again…..  There’s even a slight chance of Snow here today…..  I know I’ve got to get it in gear in order to get it all done, So-o-o, Just a quick “Happy Holidays” from MR Central Headquarters, and add a few MR Posts and/or Comments to your Christmas List…..  HO-HO!…

Warning:  PD Bob is making up his Christmas List and I’m not too sure I really want to be on it…..  If you happen to get any presents from PDB, It might be advisable to soak them throughly and open them outside with a ten foot pole…..  Just a few words to keep your Holiday Happy……

3 Responses to “That Time Already?…..”

  1. Hey, Thanx to all for adding Posts/Comments to your Christmas list as attested to by Two (2) new Posts by Jek and Robo….. Tis’ the Season to give a few good words to our favorite (?) Blog – MR Central…… PD Bob said if you don’t continue, he will personally start making Posts in Prairie Dogese…..

  2. Hey, I think some of us might be interested in PDB’s rantings in his native tongue.

  3. “Le Christma dos Happe Furra Buttioux” – That’s, “Christmas makes PD Bob Happy”…… He’s mostly French Canadian, some Italian, mixed with U.S. Government Secret Code #426, Special FurBall Branch…..

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