The Beatles Chili

We’re about to have our 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off at work and I was working on this year’s poster for our chili when I ran into a previous year’s poster. With all the Beatles/iTunes love, it seems appropriate. Hope you enjoy and get hungry!

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  1. “Beatles Chili,” huh? What’s the protein?

  2. That sounds good. Can you send some chili to use here in OKC?

  3. That’s a top notch poster…… Someone put some time in on designing and publishing it….. Pray tell, Jek, was it you?…… …And, a good bowl of Beatles’ Chili would be more than welcome with all our below freezing temps at night and strong winds that go with it here….. Br-r-r-r-r!…..

  4. HS: We couldn’t afford to use ground-up Beatles, so we went with a Beatles substitute. All in all it was just a marketing ploy that allowed us to play nice music during the cook-off.

    Robo & MR: Yep, I did the work. You might be freezing, but I was woken up by a very loud thunder in a very strange December morning thunderstorm. What the hey?

  5. Oh, Hey, I forgot to tell you I left you an Oklahoma Thunderstorm on a time delay just to remind you of all the fun weather we deal with here on a daily basis….. Did the electricity stay on?….. I programmed it NOT to mess with your electricity, but, sometimes it exceeds its programming…. So, I’ve finished my mission – I gave you a two day Snow and Ice Event while I was there and a Thunderstorm after I left….. Ready to move back to Oklahoma?… Yeah, sure…. I know I’m ready to move to Seattle – Sometime – Soon – Maybe?……

  6. Oh, Yeah, I forgot to mention you did a great job on the Beatles’ Chili poster – What program did you use and was it on a Mac or a PC?…..

  7. No thanks on the OK weather. You can keep it, although I do like the excitement of storm chasing.

    As for the chili poster, for the layout I used Adobe “In Design” CS3. Having not used it much before (or since), I struggled with it. Last night I used Adobe Illustrator CS3, which is much more suited to the task. For the photo editing, including the painstaking work on the A Hard Day’s Bite album cover, I used Adobe Photoshop CS3. All the CS3 apps I used on the Mac. They also come in a PC flavor.

    In case you’re wondering, here is today’s chili poster. Incidentally, our chili won the contest!

  8. I use Illustrator almost every day for editing vector graphics. It’s really powerful but (along with In Design) has a pretty brutal learning curve.

  9. I’ll check-out those programs if I can’t get something working for me in the “Free Zone”….. I think I’m still up to a “brutal learning curve”, or, at least, I hope so…..

    Jek, you said your chili won this year – Did you say how well you did with the Beatles’ Chili?……

  10. Everybody’s beating around the bush, so I’ll reluctantly throw down the gauntlet. En garde! Was the winning chili vegetarian? If so, how is that possible? My chili credentials are legend (as is my chili ego, apparently), being creator of the winning Chili Colorado de las Tres Hijitas, along with a mean chili verde. Umami is an important aspect of chili, after all.

    Defend yourself!

  11. Jek, I think you have been officially challenged to a Chili Snob-off….. “Let the Secret Recipes Begin!”……

  12. I make a mean Slow Cooker Chili myself starts with 2 pounds of Beef. Vegetarian chili never heard of such a thing sure its not a bean dip?

  13. Ah, RoboLsd has joined the fight!

  14. Now we have three (3) so-called Chili Masters who have thrown their Chili Bowls in the ring…… BUT, I’m not seeing any “Secret Ingredients” being revealed…. Just what’s in those award-winning Chili pots anyway?…… Interested Heartburn people want to know……

  15. I let PDB add a secret Ingredient It gave the chili a light your head on fire kick. Later I noticed that the chili glows in the dark. Also if you put cheese on the chili it would melt the cheese even if it is in the refrigerator. If you would like to know my secret Ingredient ask PDB. I think it maybe nuclear waste or maybe jet fuel. PDB insures me that it is harmless. But I notice he was walking around with a note book observing me closely and he refused any chili.

  16. #16 by huskysooner

    I’m not sure I have any secrets per se. I have two recipes built around chuck roast cut into 1″ pieces. Chiles are ancho and a mix of guajillo and new mexico. I either grind them up (after roasting and removing stems, seeds, and veins) and make a paste with cumin, or I use those chiles to make a paste loosely based on the guajillo sauce from Rick Bayless’s book. It’s a royal pain in the a**. I do put a bit of canned crushed tomatoes and lime juice for a bit of acid. This recipe does _not_ have beans.

    Of course, I have an old standby ground beef chili, which is much simpler and has beans in it.

  17. #17 by huskysooner

    And of course there’s chili verde, which is some kind of pork shoulder, browned, to which is added a boatload of chopped onions, Anaheim/New Mexico green chili, serrano, and tomatillos. This cooks very quickly compared to the “red” and is very “New Mexico.”

  18. That sounds like some mighty fine Chili, HS – Next time you’re in OKC and cook up a pot, don’t forget to invite at least one of the MR Community – ME!…… I can smell it simmerin’ from here!……

  19. Our chili indeed had meat: chicken. (I hear your nose wrinkling!) However, I didn’t have anything to do with the recipe or preparation. With White Chili and The Beatles Chili both, I only performed marketing functions. That said, I don’t think any of the chilis in this year’s cookoff would qualify for an official contest. Each one had beans included. Some of the entries probably belong in a soup category.

    HS, I’m impressed of your win. I’m sure there was tough competition. Who did your marketing? 😉

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