Remember When

Robo has given me an Idea for a post. (Go Figure I can’t think up much on my own)
Where were you when it happened/Heard about it.
Since I know most of the ages of our community I will start at 1960 (For you 2or3 older folks)
The Cuban Missile Crisis
Nov 22 1963 (JFK Assassination)
MLK Assassination
RFK Assassination
1st Moon Landing
Nixon Resigns
Attempts on Ford and Nixon
Ok Some in this Century
Challenger Explosion
Waco Fire
OKC Bombing
Or any remarkable world events that you can think of.

6 Responses to “Remember When”

  1. A few more important ones, at least to me…
    Columbia disaster
    Reagan assassination attempt
    Hurricane Andrew
    Hurricane Katrina
    1989 Bay Area Earthquake
    2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

  2. How about Kent State?

  3. As I said “Or any other you can think of”
    So with that said, Where were you?
    Stories/Remembrances, Inquiring minds/Historians want to know.

  4. I’ll Start.
    My Earliest memory was the Moon Landing, I was 4 yrs old I remember seeing it on the TV, I asked Mom “Isn’t our TV Color, Why is this B&W?
    Later I remember the news conference in 1974 one evening where Nixon told us that He would Resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow.
    In 1975 I remember watching the news coverage of the Fall of Saigon, I didn’t grasp what was going on I just remember the TV showing people trying to get on a helicopter on top of a building
    and Later that year I heard the radio reporting that a follower of Charles Manson Had just tried to kill President Ford.
    I was visiting My Aunt in A little town in the Texas Panhandle when on August 16 1977 we were watching some soap when they broke in with the bulletin that Elvis Presley had just Died in Memphis, TN I remember her crying.
    Me and Dad were driving somewhere when on the radio they broke in with the bulletin that on March 30 1981 that someone had just shot President Regan, When we got home that was all that was on the TV all day.
    January 28 1986. I was working at a Restaurant in Del City,OK when the Prep cook came in the kitchen from the back and told us that the “Space shuttle had just crashed”. I remember saying “That is a cruel joke even for her, She insisted it was true, then someone turned the radio up and alas it was true, When I got home I spent the rest of that day and all the next watching The News reports.
    I will tell the rest later, Now yours.

  5. What’s this “Older Folks” crap, J.J.?….. Just because the Earth’s crust is younger than I am doesn’t mean a thing….. I plan to reply to all the items on your “I’m younger than Lady GaGa” Questionnaire, but first I have to get some sleep…..

    I will either update this comment, or, if there are other comments posted before I wake up that might have a bearing on my answers, I will make a new comment (on Parchment with Hieroglyphics) – Satisfied?…..

  6. I don’t remember where I was when I heard about Kent State but I remember what I thought.

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