A Totally Mad Christmas…..

We’re all in a rush this close to Christmas, so here’s your C-card from MR HQ…..

5 Responses to “A Totally Mad Christmas…..”

  1. I’m not worried. Merry season’s greetings to all.

  2. Nor I – I’m going to have a Merry “Mad” Christmas and a Happy “Mad” New Year….. I use the word “Mad” in the context of happily celebrating the Season in a ultra-bizarre and fun way…. I’m saving getting Mad “Mad” for after the Holidays…..

  3. I going to have a mad Christmas and a mad New Year in the sense of nuts. I would say I going to go nuts, but it’s too late, I’m already there. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.

  4. After the Holidays are over, I’m going to start a campaign to impeach Mr. O’Bummer and elect Alfred E. Neuman as President…….

  5. ……Maybe we’ll just substitute Alfred E. for Barrack’O….. Think anyone will notice?…..

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